Still Dreaming about Gluten Free dessert at Zelo in Minneapolis

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Thursday Sep 20, 2012 Under Uncategorized


It has been over a month now and I am still thinking about this restaurant. I have joked about flying to Minneapolis just to eat there again. I have not ruled it out. We needed a place to eat lunch that had items that were gluten free and vegetarian and for picky eaters. I found Zelo online and made a reservations. It was a tall order but this place surpassed expectation. Everyone ordered something different and everyone enjoyed there meal. The food seemed to fresh and was delicious. The real excitement was when the dessert menu came. I am lucky to get one gluten free desert on the menu. This one had almost all gluten free options. I was in heaven. I got the Huckleberry Cheesecake. When the waiter returned with the desserts, he put the gluten free option for every desert on a separate plate so I could taste everyone’s. They were so fabulous. I know it sounds crazy but yes it would be worth the flight just to eat there again.





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