Bellamy Mansion Musem

11235050_10205502955187968_538999169246573655_nWe visited our 17th County- New Hanover. This was a extra special county because my brother joined us and we had special friends John and Pam show us around. We had high expectations with the owners of AllAboutWilmington as our guides. The did not disappoint. We have been to New Hanover several times. We have been to the Battleship North Carolina, Fort Fisher Aquarium and the Wilmington Children’s Museum. We have eaten at some great restaurants in the past including Carolina Cupcakes.  Last Year, Claire learned all about Bonsai trees at the Painted Lady Bonsai. We knew the area had lots to offer.  We wanted to revisit Fort Fisher since we have not been in while, and then see some new things. We took the ferry from Southport and started at Fort Fisher. We watched the fiber-optic battle map first. It had a sign not to push the button that it was only for school groups. We pushed it anyway. 🙂 It is a great overview of the battle there. We walked around the tour trail and read some of the wayside. When we came back in to the exhibits Claire read about a confederate spy- Rose O’Neal Greenhow. She was very interested in the story and wanted to find her grave at Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington.

Winnie's Tavern The next stop was Carolina Beach State Park. They have a small exhibit about carnivorous plants. We had a very good and informative  talk from Ranger Helms about the plants and his job. We were then off to lunch at Winnie’s Tavern.  It is a little off the beaten path and not a fancy place but it did not disappoint. My brother said the burger alone was worth the trip. You should look it up the next time you are in town! We then headed for Oakdale Cemetery. We stopped by the office and got a map of the famous grave sites. They have some really interesting ones. Along with Rose O’Neal, the designer of the Lincoln Memorial, the first governor of NC elected by poplar vote, and  a girl buried in a run barrel . I love the history you can find in a graveyard.

Cotton Exchange

We headed for the Cotton Exchange.  I am not much of a shopper but I really love this place. I love the history written throughout the plaques all the wall. I love the small unique shops. We got toffee at the General Store and dog treats at the Dog Bakery. We then headed to Bellamy Museum Mansion. There we started out by watching a film of the overview of the house and then a house tour. The house has sparse furnishing but some beautiful architecture detail. The tour was almost two hours. He was very knowledgeable but tour was a little long especially after a full day of touring. He also could have skipped some inappropriate stories with my kids and other kids even younger in attendance.   So the mansion ended up being an plus and minus for New Hanover county.  After the tour, we headed home but there is even more to explore in New Hanover County.

After our day spent in New Hanover and considering the things we have done in the past. New Hanover moved to the top of Cobey’s rankings. He also gave Winnie’s the honor of best burger. Claire ranked New Hanover tied for first with Union, Cumberland and Gaston.  I loved The Cotton Exchange so I am giving it best for shopping so far not that I know much about shopping. And although the tour was long it was my favorite home so far Bellamy Mansion is worth checking out just don’t get the long tour.



Oakdale Cemetery

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Caffe Phoenix – Wilmington

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Sunday May 22, 2011 Under Good Eats/Not So Good Eats, Travel

I just got home from the big weekend in Wilmington to celebrate Cathy’s birthday. I already reviewed The Bridge Tender which was wonderful. Yesterday we went to lunch in one of my favorite locations downtown Wilmington. I love the charm of downtown with great shops and restaurants.

Cathy suggested Caffe Phoenix which I had not been to before. We were seated right away. The restaurant is very bright with artwork on the walls and a nice bar area. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They were attentive throughout the meal and we were served in a timely fashion. I had salmon, rice and roma tomatoes. The salmon was cooked perfectly and had a wonderful tasting glaze. Cathy had the Cubano and Cindy had the chicken salad. They both also enjoyed their meal. Great atmosphere, service and food. I hope to be back – maybe in when I am back in a few week….

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The Bridge Tender- Wrightsville, NC

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Friday May 20, 2011 Under Good Eats/Not So Good Eats, Travel

I am in Wilmington for the weekend for my good friend- Cathy’s birthday. Today, we had lunch at The Bridge Tender on the Intracoastal Waterway. We were seated right away on the deck. The atmosphere is awesome being on the water. I ordered shrimp and grits- one of my all time favorites. The waitress was very attentive and checked in with us appropriately. The shrimp and grits were some of the best I have ever had. They had  great seasoning and lots of cheese. The other two ladies had a crabcake sandwich and coconut shrimp and both enjoyed their meal. The bill with non-alcholic drinks was 42 less than the Mellow Mushroom with the kids.  I think it is a great value. I will  definitely  be back.


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