Shackleford Island Tour

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Tuesday May 1, 2012 Under Claire, Cobey, Kid's Corner, Travel



We had a fabulous day at Shackleford Island.  We took the 11 o’clock ferry over to the island with Island Ferry Adventures out of Beaufort. A wonderful homeschool mom showed us around the island.  For those of you who have been to Agape, she is the Mur of the coast. She was awesome!! She knew ever plant, shell, animal and horse.  She knew every shell that Claire picked up and that was bag full. She told us the history of the island and the horses. It was amazing how close we got to the horses. She went over the different ecosystems and what kind of plant and animal life that we found there. She taught us about dunes and how they were formed. She showed us pickled weed found in the salt marsh and we actually ate some. It was very tasty  The kids used nets to catch animals and then played on the beach. It was a history and science lessons and one the kids will never forget.




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