Family Week at Coble Ski School

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We are home from four nights and days at Coble Ski School in Lillington, NC. Cobey went one day last year and learned how to get up on two. The water was low at the lake all summer last year so he never got a chance to improve on his skills. This summer I decided to take them both for the week. Before you ask, yes I have taught a bunch of people how to ski over the years. I don’t have as good a record as April but I have done pretty good.  I teach the kids everything else, can I not get a break on something.

The first night you get there they have a meeting to learn the rules. The kids each got bags and water bottles which came in handy for the week.  The schedule does not work on my time clock. They have lights out at nine and they get up before seven. Anyone who knows me at all knows that’s the hardest part. They provide all the meals and the kids loved the food. Cobey especially loved the banana pudding.  I brought most of my food because of the gluten thing but they always had salad to eat and I loved the ham and taco meals. The second night they went to the water park area at the lake with several blowups. The third night they went bowling and the last night they went for ice cream. Heather did a great job of entertaining after ski sets. I barely saw Claire the whole time because their were several girls around her age.

 And now to the skiing. They skied four times on Monday and three times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. By the end of the week, I was wishing that I had brought my ski and skied.  Cobey started the week getting up with two skis with a bar and ended the week dropping a ski and crossing the wake. I was very happy with his progress. It would have taken a lot more time at the lake and probably some yelling for me to get him to this point. Claire had been skiing on the skimmer for several summers but never gotten up on two. She got up on two with the bar  the first day and by then next day she was getting up on two without the bar. A large part of skiing is mental and somewhere Claire lost the mental game. She is sure to be a great skier because she was blaming everything but herself. (My old ski friends will get this.) It was the wrong equipment, the drivers fault, and the wrong people were in the boat. On Thursday, they put the bar back on which was disappointing to me because I felt it was a step back.  But you could tell she had her confidence back the last set and looked better.

This place really is special and I can’t put my finger on exactly why.  I think part of is that it is family run and the family is very involved. April is actually instructing and has a real talent with kids. Her mom is in charge of the meals. Her mother-in-law drove the bus one evening. And her husband and dad are helping also. April is a super star in the ski world and Cobey came in from lunch all excited that she sat with him.

The instructors are all awesome except the one I had the “misunderstanding” with. They are very encouraging yet don’t buy into complaining and whining. Cobey really liked Daniel. I think Claire had a great last run because she wanted to hear Aubrey talk like a chipmunk. They were running four lakes while we were there and they have it down to a science.

The room we slept in was nothing fancy but comfortable. We had a small fridge in our room which was nice for the food I brought. It had two sets of bunk beds. One bunkbed had a double on the bottom and that is where I slept.  We had a bathroom in our room and air conditioning. It was a great experience and I hope that we can make back again! Maybe I should go back to Spa Week without the kids…..



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