Why I am a bad mom?

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Thursday Sep 29, 2011 Under Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Travel

Yesterday at the last minute, we got into the Wallops Island optional field trip. We actually got to drive onto the NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility which is a restricted area. Our staff gave us information about the facilities and the rockets launched there as we drive in. This was the best part of the trip. We then got to walk on one of the beaches and collect shells. There were some great finds. Here is were the bad mother comes in. Cobey found the huge horseshoe crab above and carried it long way. He really, really wanted to take it home. It was dead but still VERY stinky and I said no. I did not want to ride home six hours with a stinky horseshoe crab therefore I am the bad mom.

BTW- on the previous post, I mentioned the food was not that good.  Well, guess what Cobey said his favorite part was about camp- the food. Go figure! He made a friend who loved Texas Pete too and came back telling everyone about the Texas Pete. I guess I could have saved some money and bought him a jar of Texas Pete. Seriously, I think it was a great learning experience and highly recommend it to everyone!

Oh, I survived another trip over the Chesapeake Bridge. We even stopped and walked out on the pier. I think I may have conquered my fear of bridges.

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