Why We Love the Lee County Regional Fair

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Claire with Ribbons The last few years we have really started to enjoy the Lee County fair.  The kids love getting the list each year and figuring out what they can enter and then they especially love going to see their ribbons.  This year it was especially special for Claire to enter peppers that she grew with Pawpaw. Pawpaw wants to know where his earnings are.  They love the rides and who couldn’t love fair food. I was excited to see Smokey this year since we will not be able to go to the State Fair. We had a tradition of taking a photo with Smokey.   But I think what makes it fun is going with a bunch of friends and  just spend time playing at the fair with friends.  We have started a tradition of supporting a candidate also on the day we go  by wearing t-shirts and hats. Last year we had Dan Forest Day at the fair who is now our Lt Governor . This year it was Team Tillis Day at the fair for Thom Tillis running for US Senate. Someone came up to me and said who are ya’ll supporting this year because  I know they will win.  Maybe they are right and that is another reason to love the Lee County Regional Fair because it has a little magic for candidates. We surely hope so. See you at the fair next year.



Pawpaw and Claire in Garden

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Where has the time gone?

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It has been over two month since I posted a blog. Where does the time go? I will probably go back and backdate a few things because I don’t want you to think I have done nothing for two months. I went on a weekend cruise to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday and we have been on several field trips but the majority of our time has been spent in Raleigh at the Legislature. We have gone about once a week since the session began. We have been working on homeschool legislation. There are currently three bills filed dealing with homeschooling. There is a bill to allow homeschool children to play sports in the public school. There is a bill that gives tax credits to homeschool families. And finally, there is a bill that amends the homeschool definition. Non-public instruction has been interpreting our law more and more narrow. They interpret the current definition to mean that the mom has to do instruction in all the core classes, which basically means everything. The kids and I have learned a lot during this process and made some new friends. Claire has becomes buddies with the Speaker of the House and wants to take a present to him on every visit. They know which offices have the best candy and snacks but we can’t give away all our secrets.  Last week we went to an all day training in Virginia with HSDLA on lobbying in DC. The kids are now ready to hit DC.

Cobey and I have also been busy working on Junior Historian projects that were due March 1st. He turned in two photography entries, an artifact entry, and essay entry and a scrapbook for the literary entry. We will find out how he did the end of April but regardless we learned a lot. For the scrapbook we did a Revolutionary War driving tour throughout the region. We learned some great stories.

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