Christmas ADVENTure

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Friday Jan 4, 2013 Under Carmen's Favorite Things, Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner

Yes, I am slightly behind on my posts, I do have some back posts I would love to get to but today I want to share with you why I had one of the most special Christmases ever.  The first reason I was able to do all we did is that we were home. We did not go anywhere in December for the first time that I can remember. I have not had an overnight trip since Thanksgiving weekend and yes I am getting a little stir crazy. I really try to make the Christmas about Jesus.

Every year since Cobey was born we have had a Happy Birthday Jesus part where we collected gifts for the Pregnancy Crisis Center. This year we had a carnival at a friend’s farm. We read the Christmas Story in her barn which was so cool.  The station where they shot balloons with the bb gun was very poplar. It was another huge success.  The other thing we do is we celebrate St. Nick’s Day which is December 6th. I like this for several reasons. One, it gets Santa over with early in the month. Two, St. Nick was a real person that did things for people in secret. We have never said Santa is watching you. We have always read the true story of St. Nicholas and talked about doing good for others. Those are just of our two traditions that I love.


This year I wanted to add something and I came across a book that I have had for years but not really looked at-  Christmas Adventure by Lisa Whelchel.  We did something from the book everyday starting December 2nd to December 25th. The book had history and information about all the Christmas customs and then an activity or craft. It pointed EVERYTHING we do at Christmas back to Christ. It really made me look at the tree, the gifts, the baking, the songs, the colors and the lights with a different perspective and gave them meaning. Cobey’s favorite was when we “caught the cake on fire.” I never knew sugar cubes and peppermint could be so much fun. Claire’s favorite was giving a prized toy to someone who we knew would appreciate it. We also all slept by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve that may be a new tradition. Even though I lost most of my photos from December that is another sad post, I will always be able to remember that this was one of the best Christmases Ever. I am just wondering how I will be able to top it next year and what to do for Easter.


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