Mellow Mushroom in Southern Pines

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Tuesday May 17, 2011 Under Good Eats/Not So Good Eats

I was going to add this review to my post about our field trip today but I decided the experience warranted a post all of its own. I was excited to hear about a Mellow Mushroom opening in the nearby town of Southern Pines. I have eaten at the chain restaurant  before but not since I have gone gluten free. I was anxious to try the gluten free pizza since I have not found one that I like yet. After we finished our field trip to House in the Horsehoe, I told the kids I would take them to a special treat. (It was really a treat for me.)

We got there a little after 12 and there was no where to park. We finally made our own parking place. I was worried there would be a long wait but it was not that crowded. We were told fifteen to twenty minutes so we decided to wait.  There seems to be many more tables than parking places because the place is quite big. It is bright, colorful, and has great decor.   After we had waiting for about ten minutes, we discovered we could be seated outside which is where Claire wanted to sit. It would have been nice to have been given that option in the beginning.

We were taken to a table on the patio that barely came to my knees. It would have been nice to sit around and have a drink with friends but not for my nine and six year old to eat at. We later asked if we could move to a normal size table and we were accommodated. The waitress asked if we wanted cheese bread to start that would only take five minutes. The kids were hungry so I said okay. It took fifteen minutes just to let you know.

I ordered a gluten free pizza, Cobey ordered the Mighty Meaty and Claire ordered a slice of cheese.  The kids enjoyed the cheese bread and then we waited for pizza and waited and waited. We asked for a box for the leftover cheese bread to get it out of our way. It took at least twenty minutes for the box to come. I got my pizza first then Cobey got his pizza shortly after. We ate and finished our pizza and Claire had still not gotten her slice of cheese. It was over an hour for them to bring a slice of cheese pizza. I knew the place had just opened and they needed to work out some kinks but an hour for a slice of cheese pizza.

The waitress sent over a manger and all he said was he would talk to the kitchen staff. He did not offer a percentage off or free desert or anything. That is when the benefit of the doubt ended and I decided I would not be back. I asked for a box, drinks to go since we NEVER got our refills we requested and the check.  The box, refills and check came quickly but it was too little too late. My check was almost $50 for myself and two kids. We do have leftovers but pricey for a pizza joint with poor service. It did have a nice looking bar and I you may need a drink after trying to eat there. The food was good but not worth putting up with the service. We will not be back.

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