Yesterday, was a perfect example of things not always going as planned. My original plan was to take two days and go to four revolutionary war national parks in South Carolina- two each day. The night before I decided we could do three in a day, leave one site off and save a hotel night’s stay. We were going to the beach afterward to stay with my brother therfore the kids were agreeable to cut our trip short. I decided we would go to King’s Mountain, Cowpens and Camden.

We stayed in Shelby, NC and had a short drive to King’s Mountain. When we arrived, we discovered there had been a bad storm the night before. The trail was closed and the power was out. The kids were very disappointed because it is the one they most wanted to go to.

We then headed for Cowpens about a half hour away. It was raining when we arrived, so we were glad it had a small visitor center. We watched a movie about the battle that was well done. The kids enjoyed learning about how Daniel Morgan laid a trap for the Loyalist to win the battle.  Cobey then watched a fiber optics show about the battle while Claire and I worked on her Junior Ranger badge. After the program, Cobey enjoyed lining up the toy soldiers into the battle formation. The park ranger had extensive knowledge about the revolutionary war and shared some information with us. I asked which park he suggested us going to Ninety-Six or Camden. He suggested Nintey-Six.

Ninety-Six was out of the way for where we wanted to end up but I decided to go with his suggestion. It was an hour and half drive and we ate lunch on the way. When we arrived, we started again with the movie. The movie gave us a good overview of the longest siege of the Revolutionary War. The strategy  for this battle was very interesting. We then went to a small room with artifacts to answer the questions in the Junior Ranger book. It was a small but it did have some nice artifacts and packed with information.  We would not have gotten as much out of it without the Junior Ranger Program.

We then ventured outside to finish the booklet. We started to hear thunder before we reached the earthworks. This made Cobey very nervous which in turn made Claire nervous. The photo is of Cobey praying that it would not storm. His prayer was answered and it did not storm till we were many hours on the road. But we rushed thru the outside exhibits. There is some nice earthworks remaining (they claim to have the best of the Revolutionary War) and markers showing where the different areas were. There is one fortification to see and a log cabin. It is a nice park and I wish we had better weather to enjoy it.

We left this park and headed for Ocean Isle Beach. It was a LONG day and the weather could have been better but we made the best of it and learned a lot. The day gave us a perspective of how the Patriots kept the southern colonies from British control which helped set up the victory at Yorktown.

Today, we went to Moore’s Creek National Park and I will try to post tomorrow about that visit. Other post coming soon will be our trip in April to Virginia and a travel tips post that will include money saving tips and how to make trips more meaningful to your kids.

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