Claire Glitters the Governor’s Office

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Thursday May 30, 2013 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Politics


Senator RabinOn the plane back from Alaska, I read the e-mail that we were invited to the signing of the bill that we had been working on. It was going to be next day and we were told we could only bring ten kids. We came up with a list of kids that had been to the legislature the most. Claire had been wanting to wear her lime dress to Raleigh and I told her this would be the day. She was so excited. The dress leaves glitter everywhere. The first stop was the Speaker’s office where Claire gave presents from Alaska to Will and Tillis and of course left glitter not only on the Speake’rs suit but on his face also. We then went to Senator Rabin’s office ┬ábecause we heard that his challenge coins had come in. Claire was excited to get a coin and leave some glitter on Senator Rabin.


Claire in the Governor's ChairThe signing was at the Governor’s office in the Capitol. Claire was hugging on Governor Pat McCory the entire time because she knew she would leave glitter on him. After the signing, Governor McCory invited her to sit in his chair. She was thrilled because she knew she would leave more glitter there. The Governor even suggested he was going to take her home. I am not sure he would have said that if he knew her dress was leaving a trail of glitter. It was like she was Tinkerbell leaving pixie dust wherever she went. I was so glad the kids got to participate in the signing and be part of the entire process from bill writing to signing. I am proud of all their work and believe it has been a wonderful learning experience.


Pat McCory with the Kids

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