Several Fun Political Event in August and September

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Thursday Sep 20, 2012 Under Politics


I went to several political events over the last two months. Dawn Hickerson, her daughter, Brianna and I went to see Romney and Ryan in High Point. Romney picked Ryan the day before which got us very excited to go and see them both together. We waited for hours and it was very very hot. We were in the back of the room but it was exciting to be there and part of it. Afterward, we happen to be stopped by police on a ramp and we figured it was because the bus was coming thru. I love the photo above that  captured by a stranger that conveys our excitement.

A few weeks later, Ryan came to Raleigh and Pat, Cobey and I went to see him. We decided not to get there too much earlier than the doors open. We could not believe when we arrived and there was not much of a line. We also could not  believe when we got in and got to be up front. Cobey was on the front row because he took Zan’s spot. After the speech, Zan put several photos on Cobey’s head to be signed.  When he finished he noticed that Cobey was under the folder and I asked for a photos. He was very excited!!

Pam Kerley and I went to a fundraiser for Mike Stone that was a fun evening where we won our money back in a reverse drawing. Cobey attended his first political fundraiser alone when he went to Frank Del Plazzo’s fundraiser.

We also went to AFP’s Obama’s Failing Agenda Tour in Sanford and in Raleigh. Michelle Malkin spoke in Raleigh and brought out a big crowd. The homeschool and Dan crew were well represented in Sanford.  Cobey was asked by Jeff to help serve ice cream in Sanford and then again in Raleigh. He and his friend Tanner had a big time.


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