The kids and I started our day at GAIN Network in Mt Joy, PA. You can learn more about GAIN here: It is one of their special weeks they have two times a year for groups and individuals to come in and help. They have one in June and one in October. We did not preregister or tell them we were coming. We just showed up this morning and they put us to work. We were at the seed station where we had to package ten different packs of seeds. They are very well organized with planned breaks with presentation. There is a break in the morning and afternoon and they also serve lunch.  The kids had a great time and Claire of course made a friend. They did not want to leave which is good since we will be back tomorrow.

After  I had “taken” several photos at the warehouse today, I noticed I had forgotten to but my SD card back in the camera.  So, I went by Radio Shack to get another card.  We then headed for Rock Fork Plantation. This was one of those times when the GPS does not work so well because it wanted me to turn the wrong direction on one way streets and took me down a not so great area of town. If you want to visit and are not familiar with the area, I suggest getting some directions beforehand.  The house was the home of General Edward Hand, who was an Adjutant General to George Washington and  led troops at Boston, Long Island, White Plains and Trenton. He was previously trained by the British Army. The tour was very extensive with information about the family and the many artifacts.  The tour includes the first floor, second floor and the kitchen which is in the basement.

The big surprise of the day for the kids was going to see Joseph at the  Sight and Sound Theater. It was fabulous! The show includes live animals, the latest technology and a flying Joseph. The cast is very talented. They had some technical problems but the short unplanned break did not ruin the show. This show runs thru October and I highly recommend going if you are in the area. The kids are already wanting to go to the next show which is Jonah- next year.

A strange thing happened at the theater tonight. An older gentleman, which means older than me, kept trying to pick at Claire. She has an outgoing personality and likes being the center of attention but does not like being laughed out or picked on.   I know the man was trying to be playful and was well meaning but it was really annoying. I was very glad when the show started. Well, then we had the technical problem and the man took off his shoe and put his foot on Claire’s seat in her face. I really was in shock that he would do that. I try to impress on my children to behave and then this man puts his dirty foot in my child’s face. Claire started crying and the lady in front of me turned around thankfully in time to see what the man was doing.  The man asked if she was really crying. The lady who had turned around said, “Yes and I think you should leave her alone”. He did not bother us for the rest of the evening except for his talking throughout the show. Looking back, I am not sure why I did not say anything. I guess I was in shock and I still am. Luckily, the incident was just a blimp in our otherwise wonderful evening.

We are back to the warehouse tomorrow and then off to NJ. Maybe I will get some photos at the warehouse tomorrow.


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