Maymount and the Confederate White House

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MaymountWe took a one day trip to Richmond to go to Maymount. I had never heard of it but found it when I was searching for possible trips for the time period we are studying in history. The house was the home of James and Sallie Dooley and was built in the early 1890s. We had a guided tour of the mansion that was very interesting. We learned about the life of the servants and the Dooley’s in the house. The house is beautifully furnished and most of the furnishings were the Dooley’s.

After the tour, we went to the nature center which was part of the property. There is a fee to enter and honestly there is not too much. I would skip it unless you have time and money to waste. We then spent a little over and hour exploring the grounds at a quick pass. I would love to go back in the spring because I am sure it is quite beautiful then. They have an Italian Garden, Japanese Garden and animals to see. You could spend a day touring the house and enjoying the gardens and animals. I hope to back in the Spring.

I was then out voted and we went to the Confederate White House and the Museum of the Confederacy. The tour was very interesting with great stories about Jefferson Davis’ children. The kids loved the story about the toy canon that actually fired and about Davis going to talk to one of the gangs in the area. After the tour, the kids did the audio tour of the Museum of the Confederacy. The museum is small but interesting and I highly recommend the audio tour. The kids got much more out of it because of the audio. They have a kid’s version.





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