Yesterday, my brother accompanied the kids and I to Moore’s Creek National Battlefield. It was not on the agenda but we had heard about it at our previous battlefield. I looked it up and found it was not too far from the beach. It is 20 minutes north west of Wilmington. I called  to see if there were any special events during the holiday weekend. The ranger said he was giving a talk and then they would be showing the Patriot on Monday. I asked about a tour and he said there were no regular scheduled tours, but he would probably be able to do one when we came.

When we arrived, we asked for the Junior Ranger program. It was not a nice booklet like the previous sites but was two copies sheets folded. There was one for Claire six and under and one for Cobey six and up. We started with the movie which gave a good overview of the site. We then went to exhibits which mostly consisted of a timeline of events.  The booklet did help focus on some of the important facts of the battle.

I then asked Claire if she wanted to see about getting a tour. She replied, “with a  tour, you always get more.”  We asked and the ranger graciously agreed. We were not disappointed at all. He painted a great picture of the battle and background of the area.  He explained that the battle was fought completely with militia forces. The battle was the first Patriot victory in the South on February 27, 1776. This victory over the Scottish Loyalist  was key for building political support for the revolution and North Carolina voted for independence the following April. The battle also stopped them from meeting up with the Loyalist in Wilmington which could have been a problematic for the Patriots.

We were pleasantly surprised with the battlefield and highly recommend it. And Claire was correct – the tour gives you more so ask if you can get one.

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