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IMG_9437Since the session began in Raleigh, the kids and I have been to the Legislature almost every week, at least once a week – sometimes twice. It has really cut into our travel schedule quite a bit. I usually take an extra kid, or two, or three from our Generation Joshua group.  I have really confused most of the people down there as to which ones are mine. I serve on the board of the North Carolina Coalition of Home Educators which is a homeschool PAC. We have been working on passing a bill to amend the homeschool definition. We want clarification that it is okay for us to have other people teach the kid(s), other than the parents.

The current law says that “Homeschool” means a non-public school in which one or more children or not more than two families or households receive academic instruction from parents, legal guardians, or member of either household. Some have interpreted this to mean that parents are the only ones allowed to do the instruction. We are currently lobbying to pass HB230/S189 which says the following: “Homeschool” means a non-public school in which one or more consisting of not more than two families or households where the parents or legal guardians or members of either household determine the scope and sequence of academic instruction, provide academic instruction, and determine additional sources of academic instruction.

SandersonThat is the background of what we are doing and why, but the journey has been unbelievable. I can not believe the experiences that the kids have had and the friendships we have formed. The kids now look forward to going each week and we never know what to expect. They have had such a wonderful lesson on how a bill is passed and should learn a college level credit in civics at the end. There have been so many great experiences that I will just hit the highlights. They have had wonderful legislators like Senator Tucker and Senator Sanderson who have taken the time to teach them to lobby. They lobbied Senator Cook and he offered to do a companion bill in the Senate. They have had people like Representative Iler who let them watch as he co-sponsored the bill after they asked. Rep Stone and Sen Rabin and their offices have been helpful the entire the time. There have been countless others that have encouraged them along the way.  Lt. Governor Dan Forest always makes time when we drop by.  He gave us a tour of all the renovations taking place in his office.  Representative Mark Brody has been so helpful from the beginning of the session, showing great support for homeschoolers.

CobeyThe Speaker of the House Thom Tillis has become extra special to our group. Every week he takes time for the kids. He never acts rushed or hurried and often teaches a lesson. The Thom Tillis coin has become a coveted item for all the kids and they bring them each time they visit. One moment I will never forget is when HB230 was being heard on the floor and the Speaker asked Cobey to be the Honorary Sergeant of Arms (picture on right- He is waving at the front). He got to be on the floor the entire time the bill was being discussed. The bill passed unanimously. Another unforgettable moment was last week when Speaker Tillis invited Claire, Cobey, and a few of their friends to have a picnic on the roof of the Legislature. I was a few minutes late because I was in a meeting and when I got there I found Speaker Tillis sitting on a blanket in the midst of a sea of kids. The picture at the top shows what I saw. We count Thom Tillis as a true blessing and are so appreciative of everything he has done for us.

I am so proud all the Generation Joshua Kids have accomplished so for this session. Tomorrow we head back to Raleigh, the bill will be heard in the Senate Education Committee. I wish us luck!!

Cobey as Sergeant of Arms Dan Forest



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