Claire’s Big Day at Legislature

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Hal and Claire In order to encourage the end of session, some home members started a “beard caucus.” Claire wanted to go see everyone one last time this session and check out the beards. I decided to take only and she had the best day. She had huge smile in every photo and was in her element.  The first stop  was of course the Speakers’s office. While we were talking to Will Morales, we saw that the Lt. Governor had a coin. From that moment Claire was on a mission to get a coin so we were soon off to Lt Governor’s office. We were surprised to find Hal Weatherman, Dan Forest’s Chief of Staff with a beard. I guess it was the fashionable thing for that week. Dan Forest was out of the country but Mr. Hal gave her two special coins and pin. She was excited. We also found out that Representative Dean Arp had a coin. We headed back to the Legislative building to have lunch with Susan Tillis. On the way to lunch, Claire spotted Speaker Tillis and chased him down for a hug and photo. She was very excited. I think her day would have been complete but she had more in store. Several month ago, Claire was very jealous when Cobey got to sit on the floor during session. She was not happy because Cobey was closer to the Speaker who she adores. It was a great lesson that life is not fair and we need to be happy for others. She actually pouted for a short time but got over it pretty quick. However, Claire never forgets. Today was going to be her day.

Speaker Tillis and Claire When the Sergeant of Arms came up to the gallery and said the Speaker wanted her to come down. She jumped up with a huge smile and no hesitation. She went down and sat in the seat next to the Speaker. Susan and I could not believe how still she sat. She did not move a muscle. She was down there about for about an hour and did so well. The first bill was a resolution in honor Vollis Simpson who was an artist that made whirligigs. Claire had meet him a few years ago and we had also seen his work in several places. I was glad it was a bill she was interested. She also came back to tell us everyone who was eating on the floor and about Representative Saine’s son who was on the floor. On the way home she told me that the Speaker told her that he knew it was going to hard but she had to sit still. He knows her so well. She said she could only be still if she was near Thom. After session, she wanted to find Representative Dean Arp. She went to the floor and told him she heard he had a coin. He was so nice and walked us back to his office and gave her one. He explained what all the different symbols meant and that it was a prayer challenge coin. She wrote her name in a book. Rep Arp promised to pray for her and she promised to pray for him. It was a sweet end to an awesome day.




Rep Dean Arp and Claire


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