Fort Ticonderoga and Saratoga National Park

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Jun 29, 2011 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Revolutionary War Sites, Travel

Fort Ticonderoga was top on Cobey’s list to see. He was not disappointed.  The fort had been left in ruins but restoration began in 1909. The fort was built during the Seven Years War by the french. During the Revolutionary War, the militia led by Ethan Allan and Benedict Arnold took the fort by surprise. Cannon were taken from the fort and used to force British to abandon  Boston. The fort has many demonstrations and programs throughout the day. There is also a museum within the fort. The kids liked where they could build the fort from block pieces. The only disappointed was that the tours did not run on schedule and we had to wait over ten minutes.

We then drove to Saratoga National Park. There Junior Ranger program  is a little different. They do it on the honor system they give the books to the kids and badge to mom. They tell the mom to give it to the kids when completed. The book does not need to be completed on site. It has lots of information and we learned several new things like how the parks come up with the initials. They have a well put together movie  and small museum. The kids liked dressing up in uniform and trying out the tent.  We  then went on the tour road.  We were in search of the Benedict Arnold’s statue which marks where he was injured. He was very heroic for the Patriots during this battle. I thought the battle road was very interesting with audio at some sites and good description and markers. Cobey was disappointed with no existing fortifications.

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