Fort Lee and Home

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Friday Jul 1, 2011 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Military Museums, Travel

On the way home, I wanted to make one stop. I had been wanting to see my friend- Sherry Womack’s picture at the Women’s Museum at Fort Lee. I did  not know it was a wonderful painting. It is a great piece of art called Have Stethoscope will Travel by Stewart Wavell-Smith. The photo to left its not great. It is such a tender side of war. She was the first female physician’s assistant to accompany special forces into a combat zone.  I love the piece!! I hate that the dvd was broken so I did not get to see her movie.

The other surprise was how great this little museum was. The kids loved dressing up in uniforms and carrying around the guns. They have exhibits that do a great job of telling you the history of women in the military.

We also went next door to the Quartermaster Museum. This is another great museum with some fun exhibits.  They have a program like junior rangers where you answer the questions and get a surprise. We did not have time to complete it but it looked great. Both of these museums are worth your time!

Last night we stayed downtown Baltimore at a Home 2 Suites by Hilton. It is the newest chain by Hilton. The check-in, check-out and valet staff were friendly and helpful. They were some of the best on our trip. The hotel is decorated very modern and hip. It was a nice change of scenery. Your room includes full fridge, microwave and dishes. There is no parking so you have to find a place on street or valet park. Valet is $25 a night standard for a city. The breakfast is not outstanding. We got down to breakfast about ten minutes before the end and there was not much left. There was no fresh fruit which is strange for continental. There were only three cereals to choose from, a muffin with eggs you toast, some breads, instant grits and yogurt. The strangest part was we had to go to the front desk to get milk for Claire’s  cereal. I felt they were rationing the milk out. The rest of the stay was great and I would try it again.

We have been in twelve states, eleven National Parks, ten hotels and two bed and breakfast in eighteen days. I learned I need more cash for tolls, New Jersey has crazy drivers, Massachusetts does not believe in marked lanes and Maine and Vermont are beautiful. It has been an awesome journey but I am glad to be home.

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