Rainy Day At Old Sturbridge and Six Flags

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Jun 22, 2011 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Travel

Let’s just start off by saying, I have had better days. I slept terrible last night. The hotel just plain gave me the creeps and  the A/C was so loud that every time it kicked on it woke me up. I also spent half the night trying to find a new hotel for tonight. Today, it rained steady all day. I just got home to post this and discovered NO CARD in the camera so NO PHOTOS for today. I went to lots of effort keeping the camera dry today for nothing. I am about to have a breakdown but before I do I need to go back out in the rain and get a brush because somehow it did not make it in the room.

I am back and I am trying to remain calm. My friend Cindy suggest that I go back and do the day all over. Since that can not happen, I am searching the internet for enough photos so that I can at least create a page for their storybooks. I have found a few so maybe all is not lost but it is not the same.

Our first stop today was Old Sturbridge which is a post revolutionary make believe village. They have collected buildings all over New England and brought them there to showcase what a village would have look like. It worked out well that we did Plymouth yesterday and then this village today. The kids could really see the progress that had been made over the years.  One of the  first thing we did was ride the stagecoach which was a bumpy ride indeed. The village is different than Old Salem and Williamsburg. I think it is more interactive those places.  We saw the bank, the carding mill, the barn with a five day calf, the grist mill, the cobbler shop, the saw mill, the shoemaker, the general store, the tin shop, the tavern, the law office, the meeting house, several homes and more. (I took photos at all of them.) The last place we went was a great little area where the kids can dress up in period clothes and pretend. Cobey did a great job running the General Store and Claire was in the house cooking.

After lunch at Friendly’s, we headed for Six Flags New England. We arrived there around three and stayed till seven. The great thing about the rain was there were no lines. They started off in the little kids section and worked their way up. They rode the ride pictured to the left – ten times! It is the Pandemonium and I did not ride even once. The roller coaster cars turn around 360 degrees during the ride and the ride is fast. I did ride Flashback with Cobey once which I did regret. It had loops and Claire would have ridden if they would have let her. She is great at an amusement park now because she loves every ride no matter how small or how big. Despite the steady rain all day, the kids had a fun time. But overall, I think we liked Busch Gardens better last summer.

Tonight’s hotel is much better. I have fixed my camera so that I can’t take photos without a card. I am hoping for a great night sleep and a better tomorrow.

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