Oak Island Beach- West Point

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Jan 11, 2012 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Travel, Uncategorized



We rented this beautiful house at the point of Oak Island for two weekends  and the week between. It has 12 bedrooms and 9 baths and it has been awesome. Every room has a view of the ocean or the ICW and sometimes both. It has a lot of room between the house and water for the kids to play. We set boundaries and they have played outside for two days!  Last weekend we had moms scrapbooking, doing homework and just relaxing. During the week we had lots of kids (13 I think) having lots of fun playing. The house is big enough that you can always find a spot to get away from everyone else if needed. It is a great house for a church retreat, family reunion or to get some friends together. Here is more info about the house:http://www.rentabeach.com/1148110. If this house is two big for you then my friend John Hamilton can help you find something that will be perfect for you.  Below is a photo of the kids.  Tomorrow we are off to Fort Fisher Aquarium.


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