Oak Island Lighthouse

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Jan 11, 2012 Under Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, NC History, North Carolina, Travel

We are spending the week at Oak Island. The two weekends are for moms only and the during the week is with the kids. Yesterday, the older kids went to climb the Oak Island Lighthouse. There was an age restriction so I was planning on staying at the house with Claire but a friend volunteered to watch all the little guys. They also convinced me that the lighthouse was a short one. When I drove up, I realized they lied. It was a pretty tall lighthouse. And that was not going to be the ONLY problem.We went into the first landing where we  saw not a nice spiral staircase but a series of ship ladders. That is when it got scary. She told us that 1 out of 10 did not make it to the top. I can understand why because it is intimating.

I was had thoughts myself. Our host gave us a brief history of the lighthouse and then guided us to the top. It is 160 feet above the water and it is 131 steps to the top. That is ladder steps not stair steps by the way. It was completed in 1958 for 110,000. It use to be the second brightest lighthouse in the world but they have since changed the bulbs twice and is no longer the second brightest. We had two that decided not to climb and several that were nervous about climbing including myself. The rest of us made it to the top and back down. I really felt like I had accomplished something when I finished.  We conquered our fear and the ladders. The view is great from top and would have been much better if we had a clear sky. I don’t think I will go and find out. If you have not climbed the Oak Island Lighthouse, put it on your bucket list. You have to be seven to enter the lighthouse and nine to climb. All the moms said they would not question age restrictions again. You have to make an apt during off season to make the climb. During summer season they have tours on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can find more information about tours and the history of the lighthouse at  http://oakislandlighthouse.org.


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