AHG North Carolina’s Inaugural Camporee

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This past weekend was the first camporee in North Carolina for American Heritage Girls. LJ Carroll was the director and did an awesome job. The camp was held at Durant which is a BSA camp outside of Carthage. AHG has been so blessed by the partnership that we have Boy Scouts. We had 13 troops and 176 girls from across the state.  It proved to be another testament of how awesome this organization and its people are. We arrived on Friday and set up camp. I love to watch how everyone pitches in at camp. We had the kitchen unloaded and set up in no time. In our troop, we had a set of awesome dads who did on the cooking and cleaning up for the weekend. They are wonderful role models for our children on how to work together as a team and serve others. On top of all that they are entertaining also. We ended Friday evening making swaps and eating smores.  You can’t get much better than that. The men were up early making breakfast for the long fun hot exhausting day ahead.



We started with a flag ceremony and then the girls went thru five stations. The girls loved making survival bracelets with red white and blue cord of course. The Explorers and up did archery and the Pathfinders and Tenderhearts did BBs. This was many of the girls first opportunity to do these activities and they had a great time.  Avery Moore led a fire safety station which I heard was excellent.  Dr. Anderson did a superior job with the Emergency Preparedness badge. I heard about a leg squirting blood and bear attack. Claire was excited to be chosen to be a screamer for the bear attack.  Boy, they got that one right. The last station was field games where the girls traded S.W.A.P.S. more than played games. While the girls were doing the stations, I led five breakouts for leaders and volunteers. It was so great to talk to other troops and brainstorm ideas. We ended the day with a hotdog supper and  group campfire.  The kids had a great time doing songs and skits at the fire. We went back to camp for more smores and special camp dessert for adults. Sorry Tawana you missed it again.


The next morning we started with pancakes that the girls raved about. We had another flag ceremony and then ended the weekend with a church service. Reed from the Stanley Troop did a great sermon that kept the girls moving and listening.  The weekend could not have gone better. I love what Wes from the Wake Forest troop said camporee is the Super Bowl of scouting. This one was for these girls. I heard so many stories of people helping one another that makes me proud to be part of such a wonderful organization. My family is so blessed to be part of AHG family. Can’t wait till next year. The planning has already started.



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We stopped on our way to Edenton at the Rocky Mount Children’s Museum. It was a good half way point to take a break. We stayed an hour which was plenty of time. We had been several years ago but most of the exhibits had changed. It was free because we have a children’s museum membership.  There is a dinosaur exhibit, an exhibit that shows how your body works, a preschool gym that the kids were almost too big for, two costumes to dress up and a natural science center. The science center has a touch tank that has nothing to touch in it.  It has an alligator and a python that are living. The best part of the day was when the Rhino started making noisy and scared me half to death.  Overall it is an okay museum but I would not go out of my way to go there. It is not no were near as good as a NC Museum of National Science or a Marbles.

We had dinner at Waterman’s Grill in Edenton which was recommended by our hotel.  It is downtown Edenton and not on the water.  You could see the water from some of the tables thru a small window but not from our table. I like being on the water when I eat seafood but besides that the atmosphere was nice. They don’t have a kid’s menu except for a shrimp plate for 7.50. I hate paying money for food for Claire that she will not eat. I had streamed shrimp, Cobey had a salad with fried oysters and Claire had the shrimp plate. The kids food looked really good and they enjoyed it. My shrimp was overdone but okay. Cobey had key lime pie for dessert that was excellent.  Overall it was good but for a family with kids, it was on the pricey side.


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Town Creek Indian Mound

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We had a great field trip to Town Creek Indian Mount in Mount Gilead. We started on in the visitor center with a movie that gives a good overview of the site. The kids then had a few minutes exploring the exhibits. There is a traveling one that is interactive and quite good. We then went to the classroom where they learned about clothing and tools of the native people. By the way, I love outdoor classrooms. The kids got to see and learn about lots of different artifacts.

We then took a tour of site. The site has three reconstructed building- a ceremonial building, a burial hut, and a family house. We learned more about how the tribe would have lived in each building. It was a great tour and very informative. We had a picnic lunch and then headed back to the classroom. The kids were then shown how to make pinch pots and go to make their how pinch pot. If you go I highly recommend adding on the programs to make the drive worth it. The entire program was $6 for the kids and $3 for adults.

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NC GOP Convention

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Saturday Jun 4, 2011 Under Politics

It is 2:30 am and I am back in my room from a fun evening at the NC GOP convention in Wilmington, NC. One of the highlights of the evening was the Salute to the Troops Banquet. The featured speaker was Congressman Allen West. This freshman congressman gave an inspiring passionate speech. I hope more Americans will be fortunate enough to hear him speak.

After dinner I made the rounds of  the hospitality suites. I went to both candidates for Lt Governor- Dan Forest – www.danforest.com and Tony Gurley www.tonygurley.com. I have an initial opinion but I would like to gather some more info. I also went to the suites of  Robin Hayes, Wayne King, Senate Caucus and Young Professional Republicans. By the way, when did they become the Young Professional Republican? They were just Young Republicans when I was involved with them. I have aged out now. How depressing!

After the suites closed down, I went downtown with some friends. The best part was watching Jeff Mixon and my roomy sing karaoke. It was a perfect ending to a fun evening. I am looking forward to what is in store for tomorrow.

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Yesterday, my brother accompanied the kids and I to Moore’s Creek National Battlefield. It was not on the agenda but we had heard about it at our previous battlefield. I looked it up and found it was not too far from the beach. It is 20 minutes north west of Wilmington. I called  to see if there were any special events during the holiday weekend. The ranger said he was giving a talk and then they would be showing the Patriot on Monday. I asked about a tour and he said there were no regular scheduled tours, but he would probably be able to do one when we came.

When we arrived, we asked for the Junior Ranger program. It was not a nice booklet like the previous sites but was two copies sheets folded. There was one for Claire six and under and one for Cobey six and up. We started with the movie which gave a good overview of the site. We then went to exhibits which mostly consisted of a timeline of events.  The booklet did help focus on some of the important facts of the battle.

I then asked Claire if she wanted to see about getting a tour. She replied, “with a  tour, you always get more.”  We asked and the ranger graciously agreed. We were not disappointed at all. He painted a great picture of the battle and background of the area.  He explained that the battle was fought completely with militia forces. The battle was the first Patriot victory in the South on February 27, 1776. This victory over the Scottish Loyalist  was key for building political support for the revolution and North Carolina voted for independence the following April. The battle also stopped them from meeting up with the Loyalist in Wilmington which could have been a problematic for the Patriots.

We were pleasantly surprised with the battlefield and highly recommend it. And Claire was correct – the tour gives you more so ask if you can get one.

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