Bellamy Mansion Musem

11235050_10205502955187968_538999169246573655_nWe visited our 17th County- New Hanover. This was a extra special county because my brother joined us and we had special friends John and Pam show us around. We had high expectations with the owners of AllAboutWilmington as our guides. The did not disappoint. We have been to New Hanover several times. We have been to the Battleship North Carolina, Fort Fisher Aquarium and the Wilmington Children’s Museum. We have eaten at some great restaurants in the past including Carolina Cupcakes.  Last Year, Claire learned all about Bonsai trees at the Painted Lady Bonsai. We knew the area had lots to offer.  We wanted to revisit Fort Fisher since we have not been in while, and then see some new things. We took the ferry from Southport and started at Fort Fisher. We watched the fiber-optic battle map first. It had a sign not to push the button that it was only for school groups. We pushed it anyway. 🙂 It is a great overview of the battle there. We walked around the tour trail and read some of the wayside. When we came back in to the exhibits Claire read about a confederate spy- Rose O’Neal Greenhow. She was very interested in the story and wanted to find her grave at Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington.

Winnie's Tavern The next stop was Carolina Beach State Park. They have a small exhibit about carnivorous plants. We had a very good and informative  talk from Ranger Helms about the plants and his job. We were then off to lunch at Winnie’s Tavern.  It is a little off the beaten path and not a fancy place but it did not disappoint. My brother said the burger alone was worth the trip. You should look it up the next time you are in town! We then headed for Oakdale Cemetery. We stopped by the office and got a map of the famous grave sites. They have some really interesting ones. Along with Rose O’Neal, the designer of the Lincoln Memorial, the first governor of NC elected by poplar vote, and  a girl buried in a run barrel . I love the history you can find in a graveyard.

Cotton Exchange

We headed for the Cotton Exchange.  I am not much of a shopper but I really love this place. I love the history written throughout the plaques all the wall. I love the small unique shops. We got toffee at the General Store and dog treats at the Dog Bakery. We then headed to Bellamy Museum Mansion. There we started out by watching a film of the overview of the house and then a house tour. The house has sparse furnishing but some beautiful architecture detail. The tour was almost two hours. He was very knowledgeable but tour was a little long especially after a full day of touring. He also could have skipped some inappropriate stories with my kids and other kids even younger in attendance.   So the mansion ended up being an plus and minus for New Hanover county.  After the tour, we headed home but there is even more to explore in New Hanover County.

After our day spent in New Hanover and considering the things we have done in the past. New Hanover moved to the top of Cobey’s rankings. He also gave Winnie’s the honor of best burger. Claire ranked New Hanover tied for first with Union, Cumberland and Gaston.  I loved The Cotton Exchange so I am giving it best for shopping so far not that I know much about shopping. And although the tour was long it was my favorite home so far Bellamy Mansion is worth checking out just don’t get the long tour.



Oakdale Cemetery

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Mt Tabor School 1870



On the way home from the beach we decided to hit two more counties- Columbus and Bladen.  On the way we stopped at the Mt Tabor School from 1870 for a quick photo. (photo above)  Our first top was the visitor center in Fair Bluff where we took a walk on the trail along the Lumber River. They have a nice boardwalk and trail which made for a great walk.


We then did our own car tour of the area. We picked up the brochure at the Visitor Center.  They have some great old buildings including a Trading Post (1802) and Depot (1897). The depot has a small museum but it was closed that day.  There were many more beautiful buildings and one of Claire’s favorite cemeteries.  We ended our visit with ice cream at Elvington’s Pharmacy.



After we went through Chadborn, we stopped at the NC Museum of Forestry.   It is  very small museum inside with some fossils found in White Lake. We were more interested in the things outside.  There is also a short tree trail where the trees are marked and a fossil dig. You can check out tools in the museum. The best part was the Whispering Giant sculptor found in the front.  Peter Wolf Toth a sculptor who immigrated from Hungary made a series of these to honor Native Americans. There are 74 statues with at least one in each state. We stopped at the courthouse in both counties. Neither where impressive.




We started our visit to Bladen County at  the  famous Melvins burger in downtown Elizabethtown.  This was Cobey’s favorite burger.  They put out some hamburgers and watching the system is entertaining. We then visited a graveyard behind an old church and the local park where on August 27, 1791 the Battle of Elizabethtown  took place.  This is were 60-70 Whigs crushed over 300 Tories. They used a ruse of commanding phantom soldiers to make the Tories believe they were much larger and then engaged them during a disorganized retreat.  There is a marker to commemorate this event.


We ended our trip to Bladen County with a stop at Houston’s Peanuts for a snack and then Lu Mill Winery. Claire loved the winery were she got a slushy and jam sample. They have a great gift shop. We also explored the grounds were Claire loved the little church. It was a great end to a full day.






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NCHSA at Fort Caswell

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Claire caught a Skate


North Carolina Homeschool Adventures went to Fort Caswell.  We had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go back. This year we added a night and had more programming.  The first day they did activities in the sound where they fished for crab, caught creatures with nets and more. The second morning they seined in the ocean,  learned more about ghost crabs and  learned about sea turtles. In the afternoon, they did surf fishing, learned about the water cycle and did gyotaku prints. The first night we went on a ghost crab hunt which the kids loved. The second night we had smores and a bonfire. We ended our day with a tour at the Coast Guard Station which was interesting and informative. We are looking forward to more adventures next year.

IMG_6734IMG_6840Crab Fishing

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Amazing Maize Maze – Rural Hill

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Tillis Team at Corn Maze

Mailbox StationWe had a great time with Susan, Brenda, and the Brown Boys at the Amazing Maize Maze at Rural Hill. We had never done a huge maze before. Susan kept warning us but we did not take her very seriously. How hard could it be? They give us a few rules and a flag in case we got in to trouble and then we were off.   You have to collect 12 pieces to complete the whole map of the maze. We found seven pieces really quickly then we got stuck. We kept going into circles but we finally found all our pieces after a little searching.   It took us almost 2 hours to go thru the seven acre of the maze. It was a great lesson in perseverance and asking for help when you need it. On the way home, Cobey said if someone has taken a path before you, maybe you should go to them for advice and help. Not a bad lesson to learn. Claire can’t wait to go again, Cobey not so much.

Tillis Team at Corn Maze

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Agape Environmental Education Center

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Agape CenterWe went to Agape twice this fall, once with NC Homeschool Adventures and once with our church homeschool group. We love that place. We have been going ever year for years and years and we still have not run out of programs. When we went with the church group, the kids talked about the food chain, caught animals around the pond and evaluated three different ecosystems. With NCHSA, the kids learned all about trees, habitats and did tree identification. This is a great place for a hike or for a field trip.

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Where have I been? Election 2012

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Well, I just looked and the last trip I posted about was when we went to Detroit over Labor Day Weekend. We have done a few things since then as you can imagine. The kids and have knocked on doors, made phone calls, participated in a sign wave, worked early polls and been to rallies across the state. One of my favorite was when we saw Rick Santorum in Gastonia. I loved his speech which gave a history lesson and have so much respect for him.  I enjoyed the almost three hour drive there and back. Meg Hanna and Cobey counted signs on the way there and watched Obama 2016 on the way back. They had some great conversations that made me smile. We also went to a rally in Smithfield with Governor Chris Christie. This was a turning point for Claire. Before that event Claire like to go to HQ to socialize but did not show much interest in politics.  After the event, Claire was quoting politicians and wanted to go to more rallies. The day before the election we went door to door and she wanted to go to every door. She may be giving Cobey a run for the money.

Election Day was not all what we had hoped for. First, I don’t believe this was God’s will for us because  I don’t believe God’s desire is for us to have a president that promotes homosexuality, kills babies and turns his back Israel. However,  I do believe God is sovereign and allows things to happen like I as a parent allow natural consequences to happen to my children in hopes they will learn a lesson. I can’t help but wonder how bad it will get to learn this lesson The fraud that I am hearing about is disturbing- counties with 141% turnout and precincts that went 100% for Obama. It really makes it hard to put the thing to rest. I am praying that the House of Representatives will slow Obama down or Mike Farris’s plan of states rights will make a difference. I believe if things continue as they are we will have huge wins in mid-term and take back the Senate. I have worked with so many great patriots across this country that I know we are not ready to back down and let our freedoms die. I continue to have hope. I TRUST that God will take care of me and my family. I will be praying daily for Obama. I pray he has a change of heart on some issues and has DIVINE wisdom. We need to be stand guard against the UN Treaties and fight them with everything we can. We need to start working to mid-term elections. We must Pray Fight Work and that is what I will do.


On a much happier note, my state is now red. We for the first time to have a Republican Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch. I am so excited to have Pat McCory as our new Governor and Justice Paul Newby back on the Supreme Court. My friends Jonathan Jordan and Mike Stone will be headed back to NC House. Another friend Frank Williams won his county commissioner seat.  I am pleased to have Kirk Smith as County Commissioner and Mary Wells as a new judge. I will be MOST excited when they officially make Dan Forest the winner of the Lt Gov race. We have worked long and hard on that race. I don’t understand how you can elect Pat McCory as Governor and Elaine Marshall as Secretary of State. It can ONLY be explained by uninformed voters because Ed Goodwin would have served us well. And if hard work and integrity would have won the day then Cathy Wright would be serving in the NC House but it does not work that way. Overall, it was a good day and I think we have a great group to work with. Now to tell you what else I have been up to….



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Junior Historians Exhibit at NC History Museum

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On Sunday we took Grandma, Pawpaw, and Uncle Jeff to see Claire’s art piece at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  Claire also showed us her favorite gallery and her favorite piece of art.  Then we headed downtown to the North Carolina Museum of History. We wanted to see Cobey’s two contest winners from NC Junior Historians. He had won two first places in the photography category. This exhibit was so impressive and more than we expected. We now understood why it took so long to put together. It was not just projects laying on the tables but it was professionally put together. Cobey’s photos were a printed part of the exhibit.  You could see some projects on computers and others were in glass cases.  After we checked out the  exhibit, we had a nice lunch at Pharaoh’s at the museum. Between all of us we had hotdogs, Cuban sandwich, hamburger,  and salad. Everyone enjoyed their food and  it was priced reasonably. We then went through The Story of North Carolina exhibit. It is a great  exhibit with hands-on parts for the kids. There are plenty of things they can touch that kept them interested. It is a well-put together exhibit that makes you feel you are traveling thru NC history. We then went to the Call to Arms exhibit because Cobey was very interested in that.  The last stop was across the mall to the new wing of the Museum of Natural Sciences. We thought it was way to crowded and decided to come back on a weekday when it would less so. If you have not been downtown to the museums lately, then you should take the time to check them out.

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Camp Arrowhead 2012

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It was Cobey’s second year at Camp Arrowhead. He had so much fun last year that this year he went for two weeks. He had a wonderful time but I was really missing him at the end. I enjoyed looking thru the photos posted online each day to see if I could catch a glimpse of him. I also took advantage of being able to send a letter online where they would print and deliver it to him. I also requested online for him to reply to the letter. He wrote a letter then they scanned it and  sent it to me. I really liked that this year Cobey tried a lot of new activities. He tried horseback riding  which was his favorite, climbing and kayaking. He also continued to enjoy blacksmithing and woodworking. This year he went on a kayaking trip and he went to Beanstalk Journey where they have zip lines and towers. He was also a Horse Ranger, which means he got up early to take care of the horses. He got the Hemlock Award for his Cabin which means he was the best camper for the session. He came home talking about going back as a counselor.  He also came back with a “battle cry” noise that I could have done without.  It took a few days to break the habit of the hissing noise, well actually we are still trying to break it.  But other than that, I was proud of him and all he accomplished in two weeks.



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AHG North Carolina’s Inaugural Camporee

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This past weekend was the first camporee in North Carolina for American Heritage Girls. LJ Carroll was the director and did an awesome job. The camp was held at Durant which is a BSA camp outside of Carthage. AHG has been so blessed by the partnership that we have Boy Scouts. We had 13 troops and 176 girls from across the state.  It proved to be another testament of how awesome this organization and its people are. We arrived on Friday and set up camp. I love to watch how everyone pitches in at camp. We had the kitchen unloaded and set up in no time. In our troop, we had a set of awesome dads who did on the cooking and cleaning up for the weekend. They are wonderful role models for our children on how to work together as a team and serve others. On top of all that they are entertaining also. We ended Friday evening making swaps and eating smores.  You can’t get much better than that. The men were up early making breakfast for the long fun hot exhausting day ahead.



We started with a flag ceremony and then the girls went thru five stations. The girls loved making survival bracelets with red white and blue cord of course. The Explorers and up did archery and the Pathfinders and Tenderhearts did BBs. This was many of the girls first opportunity to do these activities and they had a great time.  Avery Moore led a fire safety station which I heard was excellent.  Dr. Anderson did a superior job with the Emergency Preparedness badge. I heard about a leg squirting blood and bear attack. Claire was excited to be chosen to be a screamer for the bear attack.  Boy, they got that one right. The last station was field games where the girls traded S.W.A.P.S. more than played games. While the girls were doing the stations, I led five breakouts for leaders and volunteers. It was so great to talk to other troops and brainstorm ideas. We ended the day with a hotdog supper and  group campfire.  The kids had a great time doing songs and skits at the fire. We went back to camp for more smores and special camp dessert for adults. Sorry Tawana you missed it again.


The next morning we started with pancakes that the girls raved about. We had another flag ceremony and then ended the weekend with a church service. Reed from the Stanley Troop did a great sermon that kept the girls moving and listening.  The weekend could not have gone better. I love what Wes from the Wake Forest troop said camporee is the Super Bowl of scouting. This one was for these girls. I heard so many stories of people helping one another that makes me proud to be part of such a wonderful organization. My family is so blessed to be part of AHG family. Can’t wait till next year. The planning has already started.



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We stopped on our way to Edenton at the Rocky Mount Children’s Museum. It was a good half way point to take a break. We stayed an hour which was plenty of time. We had been several years ago but most of the exhibits had changed. It was free because we have a children’s museum membership.  There is a dinosaur exhibit, an exhibit that shows how your body works, a preschool gym that the kids were almost too big for, two costumes to dress up and a natural science center. The science center has a touch tank that has nothing to touch in it.  It has an alligator and a python that are living. The best part of the day was when the Rhino started making noisy and scared me half to death.  Overall it is an okay museum but I would not go out of my way to go there. It is not no were near as good as a NC Museum of National Science or a Marbles.

We had dinner at Waterman’s Grill in Edenton which was recommended by our hotel.  It is downtown Edenton and not on the water.  You could see the water from some of the tables thru a small window but not from our table. I like being on the water when I eat seafood but besides that the atmosphere was nice. They don’t have a kid’s menu except for a shrimp plate for 7.50. I hate paying money for food for Claire that she will not eat. I had streamed shrimp, Cobey had a salad with fried oysters and Claire had the shrimp plate. The kids food looked really good and they enjoyed it. My shrimp was overdone but okay. Cobey had key lime pie for dessert that was excellent.  Overall it was good but for a family with kids, it was on the pricey side.


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