Day Two at Niagara Falls

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Butterfly Conservatory


World's Largest FlowerWe had another full day. The weather was rainy on and off all day but most of what we had planned was indoors so it worked out okay. We finished the activities on both passes. The first stop was the Floral Showhouse which was part of the Nature Pass. This was a huge disappointment. It had a room with the world’s largest flower and one other room full of hydrangeas. Outside there were lot of tulips. There was not much to it. We moved on from there to Butterfly Conservatory.  Claire loved this place and it was in her top picks for the two days. It was bigger than some we have been to but basically the same.



We next went to Laura Secord Homestead. The Canadians are very proud of Laura Secord who traveled 20 Kilometers on foot to warn the British where the American’s were going to attack.  It then took her 50 years to get the recognition she thought she deserved.  The next stop was in both kids top three activities- MacKenzie Printery.  We first heard background information about William Lyon MacKenzie , a rebel printer. The kids got to typeset their names and print a paper with their names on it. They also got to print a bookmark on a different machine.

????????We drove through the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. I love this town and wish it was beside the falls. It was old and quaint. We then went to McFarland house. We learned more about the War of 1812  and how upper class lived at the time.  The last stop before we crossed the bridge to the US was the smallest church in the world.

Musket Firing We made it to Fort Niagara just in time for the last movie and guided tour. We had two hours and we were rushed to see it all. We loved this fort. We learned so much more about the War of 1812. The fort was built by the French which is different than other forts that we have visited in the states. One of the top three activities for both kids during the two days.

After we left the fort, I wanted to go see the American side of the falls. It started raining on the drive. We parked and went to this large gaudy store. Clifton Hills is Myrtle Beach and the American side is South of the Border. It is tacky and not decent places to eat.  With the rain and hunger pains, we decided to skip the falls on the American side and headed to dinner. Overall great day and fabulous visit to The Falls.

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Day at Niagra Falls, ON

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A022214115A Fort Erie

We arrived late last night  and we were looking forward to a great view this morning from our room.  We were disappointed when all we could see was mist and fog.  We decided we wanted to do the Heritage Trail Pass and Adventure Nature Pass.  We will see if we can get it all done in 2 full days. Today, we started at the south end of Niagara Parkway at Fort Erie. We watched a 30 minute film about a battle during War of 1812. Then we had a tour of the fort with a guide in costume.  Cobey talked the entire day about how 3,000 killed was not that many compared to some of our battles in the US.


Behind the FallsThe next stop was Journey Behind the Falls. We added this onto our Nature Pass. This was a bit of disappointment. It was the closest view by far we got of the falls. It is kind of cool to know you are walking in tunnels behind the falls but when you get to the cutouts you can’t see anything.  They did have plaques with cool information in the tunnels. This one ranked last of all our activities.

Niagara FallsThe next stop was new Hornblower Niagara Cruises. This was an awesome experience. They ride the boat into the mist of the falls which is like a steady rain when you get that close. The ride is only 15 minutes or so but  really fun. The kids loved it and quickly became their favorite of the day. Don’t worry about rain gear. Both the Journey Behind the Falls and the Hornblower Niagara Cruises provide you with these nifty rain ponchos.

Whirlppol Aero CarWe next went on the Whirlpool Aero Car. You ride in a open air cable car high above Class 6 rapids.  The round trip is about 1 Kilometre. This actually exceeded expectations and we really liked it.  It was a close second to the boats. We took the WEGO bus from the cruise to the car and back. Save your gas and the outrageous parking fees and use the WEGO which is included in the pass. It is easy to use. It will not work for the Heritage Trail Pass but for everything else you are good.

Niagara Helicopters We finally ate at Hard Rock around 3:30 in the Clifton Hill district. The Clifton Hill is Myrtle Beach squeezed into a block. It is full of wax museums, haunted houses, mini golf, rides. I really think it is tacky.  I decided early on today that this would not be a place I wanted to come back. We had a wonderful day and the falls are beautiful but all the commercialization takes away from it. I have seen overall more beautiful places in the world. I am glad I have been once but not on my return list.  On my list to do again for sure is our last activity of the day. Shop for bargains,  skip wasting your money at Clifton Hills and put on your must do list the helicopter ride with Niagara Helicopter. It was fabulous. They have a recorded tape of what you are seeing and a little history about the area. Cobey was thrilled to sit up front with the pilot. He said it was the best 11 minutes of his life. Claire was smiling ear to ear the entire trip. It was a huge hit. The only  bad thing is that the rest of the trip will be a let down.

???????? Falls

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