Day Four in NYC- Financial, Fashion, Food and Fun!

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Trinity Root

Financial Tour This was by far the best day in New York and now the kids really want to come back. I planned the day with the kids interest and passions in mind. We started with a Financial Tour – The Wall Street Experience.  The tour was two hours and excellent. It included great revolutionary history in the tour. It included background information about what caused the financial crisis. I would recommend this tour even if you are not that interested in finances.  Cobey really wants to go into the New  York Stock Exchange and already working on this for the next visit.

We then headed straight for the 911 Museum. We only had a little over an hour and we did not have near enough time. Our friends went and stayed six hours. The museum is intense powerful and thorough. My only complaint was there was too many people allowed in at one time. Despite the crowd, people were quiet and introspective more so than any museum I have been to. The kids want to go back when we have more time to spend. This time we had to go for  Clare’s part of the day

Claire at Fashion Tour

I signed her up for a private tour with SEEK. We got on the subway going the wrong way but we made it to our meeting spots only a few minutes late. The tour did not disappoint. Our tour guide Liz started with giving us background about the fashion district and fashion history. Some of the history went along with our tour the day before at the Tenement Museum. After the history part, she then took Claire shopping. We went to a bead store, three trim stores and three fabric stores. Claire had a ball and we had the best guide.  Liz gave great advice and encouragement. They became instant friends.  The tour was a little over two hours and since we skipped lunch and it was now almost five,  we were starved. With advice from Liz, we headed to John’s Pizza. It was a great meal. They have gluten free pasta but I had a wonderful salad. The kids loved the mozzarella wedges and cheese ravioli. Cobey was disappointed with his wings but otherwise good meal. We then headed for Dylan’s Candy Bar. The Dylan’s Candy Bar was a very sweet ending to a great day.

Claire and Liz Dylan's Candy Bar

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Day Two in New York City

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Statue of Liberty

View Of The City Last time we were in NY the pedestal was closed for renovations, We spent a long time in the museum and the pedestal we really enjoyed it.  Claire listened to the kid and adult version of the audio tour. It was a great morning/afternoon.

I would not come again during Memorial Weekend. One of the reasons we homeschool is to be able to travel in non peak times. The New Yorkers may have been away but everyone else was at the Statue Liberty today. It took almost an hour to get back on the ferry to go Battery Park. It took an hour and half to see the Empire State Building last night.

Claire Found the StateionWe walked around the financial district and grabbed a late lunch early dinner. I then gave the kids a map and told them they had to get us back to our hotel. I told Claire to get us to the bus terminal and Cobey to get us to the right bus. They could not ask me for help but they could ask other people.  Claire found the right subway stop we needed, bought our tickets and then got us to the track. She had to ask which train on the left or right but she did great. Cobey guided us to the bus stop, got bus tickets and then got us to the correct gate. He almost let us get off one stop early but other than that he did great. I was very proud. And they were back in time for Claire to swim.





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