NC Museum of Art Camp 2012

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Claire went to a week of Art Camp at The North Carolina Museum of Art.  The theme of the week was Egyptian Art. She had a great week and wanted to get there first each day and stay as long as possible. She made pyramids, a sphinx, and cobras out of clay. She painted an Egyptian scene on papyrus. Her favorite project  was an adventure pouch that she sewed and painted.  The last day of  camp parents were invited to see an art show where each of the students displayed their work. Claire was also very excited to show her dad another piece she made a few weeks ago that is now on display at the museum. She made it at one of the museum’s Family Fun Saturdays. We toured the special traveling exhibit- El Anatsui- When I Last Wrote to You About Africa.  Claire and I really enjoyed the exhibit. He used a variety of medias and many pieces were made from trash. Claire created the sculpture piece from wood and metal scraps. It represents our Disney cruise with the four of us on the ship and the Statue of Liberty behind us. The Family Fun Saturdays are always great and I encourage you to go on their website and check them out. Their summer camps usually post in February and fill up fast so sign up early.

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Family Fun Saturday at NC Museum of Art

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I am a little behind on my blog so I hope to catch up on a few things over the Christmas Break. I am actually not traveling for an entire month. I think it is my longest time at home all year. WHEW! I needed a break. Off topic, I learned the other day in Claire’s language arts lesson that words like whew, boom, zing, oink,  and pop are called onomatopoeia words. That was a new word for me. I don’t think they had that word when I was in school.

Well back on track,  Claire is my artist and  has been wanting to go to  the Family Fun Saturday at the art museum. Since we are actually in town, I thought it was a great opportunity. We ordered tickets online for only $3 per person for members. The topic was The Shape of Things. We first went to the gallery and  talked about several different pieces of art. She did a great job talking on the kids level. We then went to the studio were she went over some art vocabulary like geometric, opaque, translucent, etc. After our brief lessons and instructions we started our projects. We chose a picture of a famous piece of art and we made our own interpretation of the art using shapes. Claire had a great time! I highly recommend the class and hope it does not become so poplar that I can’t get in when we are in town.

If I don’t get to post again before Sunday! I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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Art Detectives

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We had a few homeschool families over today for an art appreciation lesson. We used a free kit that I borrowed from the NC Museum of Art. We first looked at a painting and then turned it over to see how many things we could remember. In Charlotte Mason terms, this is called Picture Study. It is a great activity to do to develop the discipline of attention which I have come to believe is an essential part of learning.

We then divided the kids into four teams and they each got a case to solve. They had a picture of a piece of art, evidence, and a suspect costume. They were detectives and had to come up with a story behind the art. The kids really enjoyed it and wanted to do more than one case. We then shared our stories and compared how they were different.

They used skills of evaluation, making associations, problem finding, interpretation, flexible thinking, visual analysis and recall. They did all this while having fun!! Go the NC Museum of Art’s website and look under explore and then educators and reserve your kit!


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