Tyron Palace

Cobey at Pepsi Family Center


NC Homeschool Adventures went back to Tyron Palace. It is one of the few places the kids have begged to go back to. They really wanted to go back to the Pepsi Family Center which in the North Carolina History Center. They loved this interactive museum where you can make turpentine, sail a ship, cook and make a quilt. I was afraid they would be disappointed because they were now too old for it or they were remembering it more fondly than it was; but, we started out our visit their and they loved it. I did manage to tear them away for a delicious  lunch at the cafe. We ate looking over the water and it was very nice. We then went and toured the Palace where we had a great tour guide. We toured one other house on the property and then back to the Pepsi Family Center. We ended up having dinner at Captain Ratty’s which is downtown New Bern  and it was great. We had  a great day and it was getting ready to be even better.




Guest of the Day


We arrived at out hotel the Hampton Inn in New Bern to discover we were the guest of the day. We had a special parking place, breakfast brought to our room and our name in lights. The kids loved it. We have stayed in lots of hotel rooms and it takes a lot to excite the kids now and that did it. What a great idea by that manager that really doesn’t cost them any money but makes a families day. Thumbs up to Hampton Inn of New Bern.

The next day we went to Shackleford Island. We had about a two hour tour of the island with Laura. She is so passionate about the horses and marine life that it is wonderful to learn from her. We got to see the horses up really close which was fun and Claire and Cobey got to snack on pickle grass which they had been talking about to all the kids. We spent another hour just hanging out on the beach and enjoying a great day. I really love it there and Laura makes it even better. When we got off the boat, we went to downtown Beaufort and had a great lunch at Clawson’s and then headed back home.



Shackleford Horses

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Fort Caswell

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Saturday Oct 27, 2012 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, North Carolina, Travel

We had a wonderful experience at Fort Caswell. We were in the lodging near the sound with a small beach and a fishing pier. The kids had a great time playing out there. I had a room with a kitchen which was really nice and I just made all my meals. The kids ate in the cafeteria and enjoyed the food. The room was nothing fancy but clean and comfortable. I love  the rocking chair on the screened porch. The first day we checked out the beach and then went to have a birthday dinner with my brother. The food was good and price was okay but the service was a little slow. It is what I have come to expect at the beach.


The next day we went to Wilmington for a tour of the Cape Fear Serpentarium. This place really surprised me. The staff was not the friendliest bunch but they were very knowledgable and gave an interesting tour. I don’t know that I would go without the tour because it really made the experience and at the end the kids got to hold a snake. The story about the owner being bit by one of the most venomous snakes in the world was especially interesting. After the tour, we headed to Red Robin for a bite to eat for another celebration meal for Claire. We got back to Fort Caswell in time to hit the beach for a few hours before dinner. After dinner, we started the educational part with Fort Caswell with a pirate program. There was a man in pirate costume that did a great job of talking about pirate life and dispelling myths. He ended his presentation with firing a musket which the kids all loved. The next day we had a full day. We went surf fishing, beach combing, plankton gathering, and on an historic hayride.  We ended our experience at the small Maritime Museum. The staff at Fort Caswell are so awesome and we had such a great experience that we have already booked for next year. NC Homeschool Adventures will be back in September and we can’t wait.

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We spent Sunday night in Boone because as many of  you know I am not a morning person. Sunday we met our good friends the Jordans at Shatley Springs which is one of my kids favorite places to eat.

Our first stop Monday was Linville Falls. We had four families with kids ranging from 2 1/2 to 13. We decide on the Erwin’s View Trail which has three overlooks and is a round trip of two miles. It is a moderate trail that is wide and has gravel. The family with the youngest struggled some but we all managed well. I would plan on at least two hours to enjoy the overlooks and make the round trip.

Our second stop was Linville Caverns about 15 minutes drive. We met up with another family at the caverns and split up into two groups. They take groups of less than fifteen at a time into the cavern which is really nice to be in a small group. I thought the tour was great. It gave a little scientific info but not too much to bore. They did not say millions of years but just many years ago which we appreciated.

Our last stop was Grandfather Mountain. We had a class about animal behavior where the kids were scientist in each of the animal habitats recording animal behavior. Mickey did a great job and the kids had a good time. We ended the glass by playing The Thicket Game which taught about camouflage and predators. We all ended the day on top of the mountain where we all braved the bridge even those afraid of heights. It was a fabulous day!!

We wrapped up the day with three families stopping at Cafe Portofinos in Boone. Kids Eat Free on Monday-Thursday with an adult entree. That is a deal. I had steak, pub fries and a salad. Claire had corn dog and Cobey had pizza. It turned out very reasonably priced.  Some of the kids got the kids spaghetti and it was a good size portion. I have eaten there several times and I have never been disappointed.


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House in the Horseshoe

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We started our day at House in the Horsehoe with our field trip group- NC Homeschool Adventurers. It was nice to have a trip in our neck of the woods for a change. The clouds were threatening rain but we ended up staying dry.

We had a very knowledgeable tour guide dressed in period clothing down to the sunglasses that I thought looked quite modern. He did a great job of keeping the kids interested and answering questions. I found it particularly  interesting that the skirmish was not over politics but over vengeance. Philip Alston, the first owner of the home,  was very controversial and his biography reminds me of stories of our troops today and whether their actions are justified. I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to our guys till proven otherwise. I think of Pantano and all he has been through. I would like to think Alston was the Pantano of the Revolutionary War and a great hero after all. The second owner was Benjamin Williams, officer in the Revolutionary War and a four term governor,  who used the property as a successful cotton plantation.

The guide did a great job of telling the story of the house and how life would have been during that period. He showed toys , a bed key, bird cage,  and the indoor bathroom- chamber pot. He told us that Alston had the children stand in the fireplace during the skirmish to be protected.  The kids loved the bullet holes you can still see in the house. After the tour of the house, the kids were taken to another area where they made clay marbles to take home. The visit ended with the guide talking about  clothing and gear of the time and with a musket firing.

They have an reenactment each August which I am sure would be a great experience. This year it is August 6 at 4pm and August 7 at 2pm.

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