Mordecai House and Trolley Tour

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Trolley RideNC Homeschool Adventures had a tour of the Mordecai House and  a trolley tour of downtown Raleigh. Our group went into the house first were we learned a lot about the family of lived there and about how people lived during the time period. We also learned that we had been saying the name wrong. Our tour guide was very informative and knowledgeable. We next went on the trolley ride. The trolley ride was a lot of fun where we learned a lot about the houses and people that lived there.. The kids learned that the prisoners made the bricks in front of the Governor’s mansion and that when they had finished a stack they would put their name on it. They kids remembered and the next week when we walked by the mansion the kids were looking for the names. There are several other houses on the grounds but you can not go into them. Great place to visit and highly recommend it.

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Bennett Place

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Last week, we took a field trip to Bennett Place in Durham. This is the site of the largest surrender of troops during the Civil War. I really did not know much about the site and had never been. We started out looking at the small visitor center and then watching the movie. The movie was gave a great background of what was going on during the time period and the significance of the site. We then took a tour of the site where they have rebuilt the home, kitchen and smokehouse that once stood there. The tour was mostly about how the family would have lived during that time. The last part of our visit was when a Civil War solider taught the children how to march. I have never seen that group stand so straight and be so quite. The parents decided they all need military school. The solider showed the kids how to load and shot a musket to end his part. The field trip was free and very well put together. It is an interesting part of NC history and recommend you check it out.


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Yesterday, my brother accompanied the kids and I to Moore’s Creek National Battlefield. It was not on the agenda but we had heard about it at our previous battlefield. I looked it up and found it was not too far from the beach. It is 20 minutes north west of Wilmington. I called  to see if there were any special events during the holiday weekend. The ranger said he was giving a talk and then they would be showing the Patriot on Monday. I asked about a tour and he said there were no regular scheduled tours, but he would probably be able to do one when we came.

When we arrived, we asked for the Junior Ranger program. It was not a nice booklet like the previous sites but was two copies sheets folded. There was one for Claire six and under and one for Cobey six and up. We started with the movie which gave a good overview of the site. We then went to exhibits which mostly consisted of a timeline of events.  The booklet did help focus on some of the important facts of the battle.

I then asked Claire if she wanted to see about getting a tour. She replied, “with a  tour, you always get more.”  We asked and the ranger graciously agreed. We were not disappointed at all. He painted a great picture of the battle and background of the area.  He explained that the battle was fought completely with militia forces. The battle was the first Patriot victory in the South on February 27, 1776. This victory over the Scottish Loyalist  was key for building political support for the revolution and North Carolina voted for independence the following April. The battle also stopped them from meeting up with the Loyalist in Wilmington which could have been a problematic for the Patriots.

We were pleasantly surprised with the battlefield and highly recommend it. And Claire was correct – the tour gives you more so ask if you can get one.

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