Junior Historians Exhibit at NC History Museum

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Jul 18, 2012 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, NC History, North Carolina

On Sunday we took Grandma, Pawpaw, and Uncle Jeff to see Claire’s art piece at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  Claire also showed us her favorite gallery and her favorite piece of art.  Then we headed downtown to the North Carolina Museum of History. We wanted to see Cobey’s two contest winners from NC Junior Historians. He had won two first places in the photography category. This exhibit was so impressive and more than we expected. We now understood why it took so long to put together. It was not just projects laying on the tables but it was professionally put together. Cobey’s photos were a printed part of the exhibit.  You could see some projects on computers and others were in glass cases.  After we checked out the  exhibit, we had a nice lunch at Pharaoh’s at the museum. Between all of us we had hotdogs, Cuban sandwich, hamburger,  and salad. Everyone enjoyed their food and  it was priced reasonably. We then went through The Story of North Carolina exhibit. It is a great  exhibit with hands-on parts for the kids. There are plenty of things they can touch that kept them interested. It is a well-put together exhibit that makes you feel you are traveling thru NC history. We then went to the Call to Arms exhibit because Cobey was very interested in that.  The last stop was across the mall to the new wing of the Museum of Natural Sciences. We thought it was way to crowded and decided to come back on a weekday when it would less so. If you have not been downtown to the museums lately, then you should take the time to check them out.

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