Chapel Hill Walking TourWe had three programs at Morehead Planetarium. We first went on a walking tour of the campus which was my favorite program. We learned how Chapel Hill and Franklin Street got its name. We learned about several old buildings and the stories behind them. The tour guides were great and kept it interesting.The next program was a Human Body Test. They reviewed all the systems of the body in a fun interactive way. This was the kids favorite part but how could it not be if you set a jelly bean on fire. The last program was a Solar System Odyssey. The best part of the show was the presentation afterwards of the night sky. I really enjoyed that part the most and learned a few things. We ended our day in Chapel Hill with lunch at McAlister’s. The food was good and the service was excellent. They are so friendly and nice there. It was a good day even if we were in Chapel Hill.

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