We spent Sunday night in Boone because as many of  you know I am not a morning person. Sunday we met our good friends the Jordans at Shatley Springs which is one of my kids favorite places to eat.

Our first stop Monday was Linville Falls. We had four families with kids ranging from 2 1/2 to 13. We decide on the Erwin’s View Trail which has three overlooks and is a round trip of two miles. It is a moderate trail that is wide and has gravel. The family with the youngest struggled some but we all managed well. I would plan on at least two hours to enjoy the overlooks and make the round trip.

Our second stop was Linville Caverns about 15 minutes drive. We met up with another family at the caverns and split up into two groups. They take groups of less than fifteen at a time into the cavern which is really nice to be in a small group. I thought the tour was great. It gave a little scientific info but not too much to bore. They did not say millions of years but just many years ago which we appreciated.

Our last stop was Grandfather Mountain. We had a class about animal behavior where the kids were scientist in each of the animal habitats recording animal behavior. Mickey did a great job and the kids had a good time. We ended the glass by playing The Thicket Game which taught about camouflage and predators. We all ended the day on top of the mountain where we all braved the bridge even those afraid of heights. It was a fabulous day!!

We wrapped up the day with three families stopping at Cafe Portofinos in Boone. Kids Eat Free on Monday-Thursday with an adult entree. That is a deal. I had steak, pub fries and a salad. Claire had corn dog and Cobey had pizza. It turned out very reasonably priced.  Some of the kids got the kids spaghetti and it was a good size portion. I have eaten there several times and I have never been disappointed.


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