Landry’s Mom Retreat

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Monday Oct 15, 2012 Under Homeschool

This was my second time to Landry’s Mom Retreat. This time it was even better because I had even more friends join me. We had a our own posse which was loads of fun. I also loved meeting new people and especially loved that the teachers were there. After meeting some of the teachers and seeing the passion they had for their subjects, I SO want my children to have classes with them. ¬†We did a ton of science and it really made you see how science can be fun. My favorite was probably dissenting the sheep uterus again. I don’t know how anyone can do that and not appreciate life and be pro-life. I loved the candle trick. I have tons of stuff that I can easily do with the kids. Have I done it yet? Will I? Well, I am still hoping the mom’s will get together and we will have a science day in the fall.

The retreat site, Laurel Ridge is wonderful with a great view and comfortable accommodations. I really enjoyed the Nature Hike that one of the retreat staff took us on. One night, we went to Boone and had a great dinner at Coyote Kitchen which had a great gluten-free options. The food on site was good and they did a good job of giving us gluten free options. Overall, we had a great time and it such a blessing that Greg does this for the moms every year.


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