Why I love the NC State Fair?

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Friday Oct 23, 2015 Under Claire, Cobey, Kid's Corner, North Carolina, Travel

Blue Ribbon for Digital ScrapbookThe state fair really is not a place one would think I would like. It is crowded and full of food that I can’t eat. And did I say crowded? I hate crowds and avoid them with a passion. I really don’t enjoy rides anymore. So why do I love the fair because there is so much more than rides and crowds and food. First there are all the entries. Claire entered several categories this year. I love that it gives or a chance to try something new or show off her talent. This year she discovered she loved making dish gardens. She also made an apron, did flower arrangement, scrapbook pages, tie dye and more.  So I love going and checking out Claire’s entries and others.

12140570_10205277293552451_574336622841564267_nCobey got a mask of Greg Fishel and loved going around the fair being Greg Fishel all day. I think he liked it because he didn’t have to smile for any of the photos. We also love going around getting all the free stuff and the answer is no you can not have too many bags or pencils or things. Oh and they loved all the free samples to taste.  And while we are on food, the kids got hamburgers, hotdogs, doughnut with strawberries and cream, and funnel cake. The typical fair food but I found a great Mediterranean Place and had a salad with a kabob.  It was delish!


King BMX ShowWe went to three shows. Claire went to a dog show which she liked. The rest of us could not get close enough to see. Did I say I hate crowds? The other two shows were King BMX Sport Show and pig racing. I was surprised but I  really enjoyed the Sport Show.  I would see it again for sure. The pig racing was corny but fun. You can’t go to the fair without seeing pig racing. Overall, We stayed from about 10am to 6pm. We didn’t ride any rides and there was still plenty we didn’t see.  I gave the kids each $20 for food or whatever they wanted and both came home with extra. I think of the fair as a celebration of our state and its people. I think everyone should go and find something they love!





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