Last spring we used The Outdoor Secrets Companion by Sonya Shafer and Karen Smith for science. It says it is for early years to Grade 2 but I did it with both Claire (grade 2 at the time) and Cobey (grade 4). I loved this curriculum. It was simple and included nature journaling, poetry and science. There are fifty lessons. You could spread it out over a year but we did a lesson a day and finished in a few months. The only drawback was there were a few books that we could not find at the library but you could easily do it without the book. The kids loved the activities and never complained about the activities. Cobey never acted like it was too young for him and enjoyed the stories. Outdoor Secrets is very well written and the stories are very interesting. While we were doing this study, I kept thinking this is the way you should do science for young kids. I highly recommend it .

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