Mission Trip To Belize- March 2013

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My first mission trip to Belize was in August 2011. On this trip we went to the Sand Hills, Belize where we did VBS, Sports Ministry, Bunk Bed Ministry, Breaking Bread, Community Night and more. We also went to the orphanage in Belize City. This trip most of the team stayed in Belize City while three of us headed back to Sand Hills for most of the week. We arrived on Saturday. We had a quick stop at the hotel where we dropped our bags and then headed to lunch. After lunch, we went to the orphanage.  I was really dreading the orphanage because it can be so depressing. I was surprised at the improvements that had been made since my last visit and it was actually a visit that gave hope. We had fun playing and singing with the kids and then headed back to the hotel. The next day we went to church at Sand Hills and saw many of the women who would be at the Women’s Retreat that week. The thing that stuck out for me that morning was that in the adult Sunday School class there was only one man. There are not many men that attend church in the Belize and I think that is so sad. I really would love to see this change. In the afternoon, we shopped for food for the week and then went to the retreat site. We attended a wonderful church service that evening in Belize where one of the team members gave a wonderful sermon and another shared his testimony.

BelizeMonday thru Wednesday three of us headed to Sand Hills for a Women’s Retreat that we led. We began each day with worship and ice breakers. We did lessons on sharing your testimony, setting priorities and the five love languages for children. We had meal teams to prepare lunch which was a wonderful chance to fellowship. We played games like water balloon volleyball, sack races, and more. We also had gifts for them each day. The last day we gave them 31 bags filled with goodies. It was three special days with these women. You can see them bond with one another and on the last day they talked about changes they wanted to make in their life. The notes of appreciation on the last day to us made it all worth while.


Belize2On Wednesday night, we had worship at the church in Belize and it was one of the most spirit filled worship times that I have ever experienced. It was as if this small church was filled with hundreds. I will never forget the experience. While we were at the Women’s Retreat. The rest of the team was doing VBS, building onto a house and doing street evangelism. On Thursday, we got to join in and help with VBS which was so much fun. I really missed working with the kids everyday this trip. After lunch, we got to go Altun Hun.  I was really glad that we got to spend the afternoon seeing and learning about the history of Belize. On Friday we went on an overnight trip to Caulker Cay. On the Cay, six members of team members were baptized. I was really looking forward to this because it is such a moving sweet experience but I got back at the end and I missed it. But I am not sad about missing it because I was having lunch with Amy a full time missionary in Belize and her sweet boy. We had a great lunch and that was were God wanted me to be – fellowshiping with a sister in Christ. On Saturday, we flew home.

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UnBELIZEable Mission Trip

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Late Saturday, I arrived back from Belize. I slept most of Sunday except for enjoying a good meal at Outback. We started back to school Monday and had an all day AHG camp today so my crazy life has returned. I have not had time to process it all and my head is still swimming but I wanted to share some highlights with you.

This team was nothing less than amazing. Everyone seemed to get along great and was willing to serve wherever needed. I saw fellow team members do things way out of their comfort zones to make an impact on God’s Kingdom. The trip was SO well organized by the team leads that every minute of the day was maximized for service. It was so cool to watch people using their gifts during the trip. And I had the three best roommates in the world.

When we arrived on Saturday, we had lunch on the bus on the way to the orphanage. We spent a few hours playing with the kids. We had a nice dinner out out. For most of the week, I was glad I brought tuna because that is what I lived on. Gluten-free has not reached Belize yet. They did have lots of great fruit so I was glad to have that. I was also VERY thankful for the bag of snacks Mary Osborne gave me before I left. I would have been very unhappy without those.

Sunday, the team was in charge of  Sunday School and two church services. It was really neat when the church members greeted returning team members. You could feel the love for one another in that place.

One of my favorite parts of the service was the cardboard testimonies. I love when people are real and take off their mask.  People who are willing to share their weaknesses have such a great opportunity to serve.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2Cor 12:9.

Monday thru Thursday mornings, we ran a VBS – like no other VBS. There was an opening and closing ceremony that had more energy and craziness than I had ever seen. There were five stations- games, crafts, story, review and singing and snack. I have never witnessed a group of people go so ALL OUT for VBS. You could tell everyone wanted to make it special for those kids.

After lunch, the fun did not end. There was bunk bed ministry where eight bunk beds where built for families in the community. I had the privilege of delivering one of these beds and that was one of  the highlights of the week for me. There was sports ministry which I was not involved in but my hat goes off to the team members who were playing sports and games with the kids in the fields in the heat of the day. I helped one day with woman’s ministry. Each day they had a devotion or lesson and then they had a craft. I was honored to wash the feet of the woman before they got pedicures and made flip flops. It was a very special moment.

Lastly, there was a ministry where we went to Rootsville- part of this community is literally in a swamp. It is so sad to see people live in such condition as these. The people were very open and kind here. I meet a woman who talked to me about how good it felt to serve and help others. I pray that I somehow was an encouragement to them because some of them were such encouragement to me.

Every night was a different event. Monday was breaking bread and my favorite. The team split up between six houses and a group had prepared dinner for each home. I had so much fun getting to know our family- Mr. Logan and his two daughters in their own home.  There was so much to learn from Mr. Logan and we were blessed to be in his home. I saved two lives that night also- so that was cool too. Tuesday night we had another church service that had amazing sharing. Wednesday night was Family Fun Night for the community where we served over 400 hotdogs, had face-painting, games, s’mores and more. Thursday night was Celebration Night with music, prayer and baptisms. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful week.

We spent Friday on one of the islands off Belize.  Part of the team went snorkeling. I went swimming, shopping and had a great meal. It was a good day to wind down after a crazy busy week and get ready to come back to the states. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people make this unBELIZEable week possible. Mary Osborne gave me food. Anna White made my T-shirts. Greg Manning donated the dental supplies we gave out. Alicia Hamilton got together the sheets for the bunk beds and made bookmarks that we gave out in Rootsville. My parents, the Carrolls, the Pruettes, and the McEvoys watched Cobey. My very supportive husband juggled Claire. Jennifer Stone picked me up at the airport.  There were MANY friends and family who bought raffle tickets, contributed money, and prayed for me. I love you all  and you were all part of the team.

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Belize Mission Trip- Be Part of My Home Team

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A few months ago God laid on my heart to go on another short term mission trip. I was not sure to where and then I heard at church about a team to Belize. God had already worked out so many details. Claire was already signed up for a camp that week. I had already been to Belize so my mom would not freak out to much. And God has been so faithful in providing money when I need it.

I am so excited about going because I know that I will be blessed so much more than I can possibly bless the people of Belize. There are several different ministries that will be taking place. There is a woman’s craft ministry, Vacation Bible School, constructions repairs, family night and more.

I would love for you to be part of my team back home by helping me in one or more of the following ways.

First, I would love to have a team of people praying for me and the Hope for Belize Team. Please send me a note and I will keep you up to date with my specific request. Everyone can pray for health and safety for the team and that God will use us mightly for His glory.

Secondly, I am selling $10 Raffle Tickets for a chance to win an IPAD2. The proceeds will got toward materials and supplies needed on the trip. Let me know if you would like a ticket.

Thirdly, I need help with Cobey. Claire is at camp all week so she is covered. If you can take a day or two the first week of August let me know.

Thanks for everything!

Here is the link for Hope for Belize:


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