We started our day at the Riverbanks Zoo. Let me just say I LOVE this zoo!! It is probably not the best zoo for the animals but it is the best zoo for visitors.  We got in free with our aquarium pass but I wish I had splurged and gotten the unlimited ride bracelet. Next time we will stay longer and get the bracelet for the kids at least. Claire loved feeding the giraffe where they ate out of her hand. It is not like the NC Zoo where you hold out a long stick and they may come and get a bite. She also loved feeding the birds. They were all over her including on her head. The zoo had two movies, ride the pony,  a train, a carousel, and a climbing wall that we did not do that are all on the ride bracelet. They also have a ropes course that is extra.  We saw the Aquarium Diving Demo and it was awesome. I have seen several divers at other aquariums but this one was by far the best.  They have a different show about every half our so you could spend a day doing that. There were very low crowds and not a huge amount of walking for a zoo. We will be back and plan to spend the day!!



Next stop was Edventure, the Children’s Museum. We had been several years ago but the kids barely remember. They loved Ed and climbing in his brain and stomach. Claire liked playing in the Vet of course. Cobey liked being the weatherman and tearing down his building with the bulldozer. I wish we had spent more time at the zoo and less time here. Two hours would have been enough here but they had a good time. Cobey got a little bored but Claire stayed entertained.

We then went across the parking lot to the night at the museum at SC State Museum with Carolina Homeschoolers. We had to wait for the museum to close and for our group to be allowed in so we read some while we waited. When we got in they showed us to our sleeping spots where we dropped off our stuff.  The second floor is a bad natural science museum. The third floor has some cool space and interactive science exhibits. The fourth floor has some cool history exhibits. Claire liked the Hunley and schoolhouse exhibit. Cobey liked the Revolutionary and Civil War exhibits. Big surprise. They had special activities on each floor. They had a star lab which was the best activity. They had a station with colonial games, tasting station with hard tack, grits and coffee and a station to make butter. We had gone to bed last night at 10:30 but it was hard to get to sleep because the exhibit we were next time had an African slave song playing over and over. They did not know how to turn it out off and it was not exactly lullaby music. Many people were very upset and most moved to another area. Our group took it in stride. Do you really expect to go to a museum to sleep and think it will be perfectly quite? Anyway, it went off around midnight. It was neat to explore the museum after hours with so few people. The next morning we got to tour the traveling BodyWorks exhibit which was AWESOME!! It was my favorite part by far. I am glad we had the experience of sleeping in the museum.  I am glad we did it but I don’t know if I would pay the money to do it again. I thought many times during the nights for the amount I paid I could be sleeping in a  nice hotel right now.

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