Landry Academy Science Intensive

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Physical Science LabI am at my second Landry Academy Science Intensive for the month. Cobey did the General Science one two weeks ago and now he is doing Physical Science one. The intensives are two  jammed packed days of  years worth of science labs.  The students get a lab book, googles and aprons at the beginning. Before each of the lab, the instructor gives the students the background information. The students then perform the lab and then record the results. At each intensive, they did a full lab report for homework which was valuable practice. The students have an awesome experience while learning a lot.


ScienceIn the General Science Lab, Cobey’s favorite lab was the one dealing with the effects of sugar on your body. It really made an impact on him and he now talks about how much sugar he has had for the day or how much sugar is in certain food. They also dissected a owl pellet, a worm and a star fish. But one of the biggest hit was the dry ice lab (photo to right)  where they talked discovered states of matter and changes in states of matter. In the Physical Science, the student enjoyed the Candle Observation Lab where they learned about physical and chemical changes. They also really enjoyed the lab called- The Need for Speed where they discovered effect of incline on speed.

Next year, they are combining the two intensives into a Physical Science/Life Science one. They next ones in NC are on the calendar for Sepetember. I encourage you to sign up soon.


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