Disney Cruise to Canada

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We took a five-night cruise from New York City on Disney Magic. This was our fourth Disney Cruise and our first non-Caribbean cruise. We had stops in Halifax and St. Johns. Overall, we had a good experience. The kids spend a lot of time in club. We allowed Cobey to check in and out of club himself, which made things a little easier. He did not care anything about the characters and only took a photo with them when we made him.   He was excited about the food and often ate off the adult menu. He tried lots of new food like Duck and Lamb. He was very adventurous.  I had problems getting a good gluten free meal, which was very disappointing.  I had steak two nights and both night I felt like I was eating a Golden Corral steak or worse.  The two nights I had fish where excellent.  I felt the food was better on Royal Caribbean. The service was okay. It was much better than on the Disney Dream .   Our assistant waiter seemed to have problems getting us drinks in a timely manner.  It was sometimes after our food and we often had to ask for refills. The headwaiter seemed better and the kids loved the magic tricks he did.  The kids went swimming one afternoon and they were the only ones in the pool because it was freezing outside and so rough that it was a wave pool.


In Halifax, my friend Elizabeth and I took the top ten attractions. Halifax was not that impressive of a town. It did not have the charm or beauty of other cities that I have been too. We had a tour of the public gardens, which was nice, and the view from Citadel was okay. The tour got better when we went to Peggy’s Cove. It is a very picturesque town where we had a Clam Chowder lunch and time to explore. I thought the best part of the tour was the last top, which was the Titanic Graveyard. It was very interesting to hear all the stories and our tour guide did a great job. Cobey and Bruce went to Citadel to be soldier for the day. Cobey had to sign enlistment papers, dress in uniform and march. He had a great time and thought the excursion was wonderful. Bruce dropped Cobey off at the ship and picked up Claire. They went to the Maritime Museum where they saw chairs from the Titanic and other artifacts. They also went to the gardens and saw the view from Citadel. Everyone ended up having a great day.

 Of the two ports of call, I really enjoyed New Brunswick, They welcomed the women with roses when they get off the ship. They really do make you feel like you are wanted there and not a bothersome tourist. Claire and I went to a tea with Alice in Wonderland. It was a little pricey but after all was said and done it was worth it and my favorite excursion. We first toured some gardens, which included a maze, petting and feeding medicine and a ladybug release. Claire really enjoyed placing the ladybugs on the roses. We then went to the area where they had kid size houses and the kids ran around and played while we waited for lunch. The lunch was tea sandwiches, scones and brownies. It was the best gluten free lunch that I had. Alice and the rabbit came out for pictures and signatures. It was really was the perfect setting. After the garden, we had a short shopping time in a nearby town of Anderson. It was a quaint town by the water. We found a cute little shop where Claire bought  a knitted mermaid and dolphin. I could have spend more time is this small little town.  While the girls were on their excursion the boys went on a kayak trip up the St John’s river. They kayaked up a smooth part of the river but were able to see a fossil bed in the cliffs that had been exposed by the river and also an eagle’s nest.  Back on the beach they had a mussel and lobster lunch with rhubarb pie for dessert.  They eat their lobster cold there which was a bit of a different experience.   On the way, the boys saw the Reversing Rapids.  The difference between low and high tide in this area is three stories this results in incoming tide pushing the river back upstream.  When the tide goes out all that water going back out to sea with the regular river flow results in class 6 rapids.

One of the highlights of the trip  by far was purchasing the entire Brave costume including wig and then leaving it on Claire’s bed.  She was so excited when she saw it. The next night they showed the Brave movie at midnight and Claire was dressed for the occasion. She looked awesome. The characters made over her and some of the cruise guests asked to have their photo with her. It was a wonderful evening.  Overall, we had a wonderful trip. It was the first Disney cruise that we did not book a future cruise.  We are planning on going with Carolina Homeschoolers on an Alaska cruise next year on Royal.  We decided we would wait and see how that goes. The kids really wanted to do Disney Fantasy so we will see.


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