Governor's Mansion

Cobey and PeppersNC Homeschool Adventures toured the garden and house of the Governor’s Mansion. The tour of the garden was interesting and showed us different areas of the grounds. The head gardener talked about the bee hives and bees. The kids were most interested in the hot peppers because Speaker Tillis had talked about how they were used to make salsa and hot sauce. Claire asked to take one of the peppers to Tillis that were suppose to be hotter than ghost peppers but the gardener would not let her. After the garden tour, we were split into four groups and taken into the house. The house tour was disappointing with little information and history.  At least two of the four groups were disappointed in their tour guide but the house is beautiful and a must see.

The highlight of the day by far was the tour of the Hawkins-Hartness House which is the office of the Lt. Governor Dan Forest. Frances was our tour guide and she was a true blessing. She is a passionate and gifted story teller. She wove a story during the hour tour and kept the kids and adults interested throughout. At the end of the tour, she spoke truth into our children that is so rarely done but was greatly appreciated.  We have been on hundreds of tours and she is one of the best guides we have ever head. What a blessing!


Hawkins-Hartness House



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