Gettysburg National Park

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Jun 27, 2012 Under Civil War Sites, Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, National Parks, Travel

Our last stop on our Disney Cruise vacation was Gettysburg. We spent a full day at Gettysburg and got a great overview.  We got into town in time the night before to get the Junior Ranger Book and get an overview of the town. We also could have done a Ghost Tour but decided against it because of Claire. They would only give us one Junior Ranger book which bothered the kids. They did not want to share but in the end it made it easier. Between the two of them they did all the activities and I think it was a well put together program. We started  with the movie and Diorama. The movie is good a great way to start the day. The Diorama is very impressive and Claire especially enjoyed the presentation.  We then went thru the museum and answered the correlated questions in the book. We also went to a ranger program because the kids wanted to collect the trading cards. It was interesting and we did learn a few things. We then picked out a audio tour in the museum. There are several different versions but we decided on . It was an excellent choice. I really liked the book that went along with the audio and added to the experience. The audio seemed thorough but not too long. The audio told some great stories. Claire loved the story about the solider that saved the nest of bird during the battle. Cobey liked Devil’s Den because of all the rock formations.


After we finished the audio tour we went to the Gettysburg train station where Lincoln arrived in town. There was not much to the train station and the person working there was on the phone so he was not helpful at all. We did not stay long and then moved on to the Willis House where Lincoln stayed while  in Gettysburg. You have to pay an entry fee to go into the house and we were there less than an hour. We saw a few short films that gave information about the owner of the house and about Lincolns visit. I really liked seeing the room where Lincoln slept.  Claire bought a Lincoln top hat and book in the gift shop. It was a little pricey for what it is but there is something about being in the place that Lincoln was that somehow makes it worth it. The last stop was the Cemetery where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. It was really neat to trace Lincoln’s steps.  The cemetery has a beautiful towering monument in the center that we learned more about from answering the questions. We made it back to visitor center in time to turn in our book and do a little shopping.  It was a rushed day but we got a lot in and feel like we got a good overview. You could easily spend several days at the park and in the town if you are interested in history.


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