Fallingwater and Fort Necessity

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Fishery Truck Today was an example of totally going off the plan.  The plan was to go to the Flight 93 Memorial but I read about it more and threw out that plan last night. It is not complete yet. There is no visitor center and it was an hour out of the way. I gave the kids six choices to do over the next two days and told them they could pick two each. Cobey picked Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. I did not figure out till we punch it into the GPS that is not really in Pittsburgh. (about an hour and half away)   Oh, Well!  We made reservations on the way. We had some extra time so we were looking for something to do.  Sometimes this works out well and sometimes not so much. The first stop was one of these not so well. We ended up at a picnic shelter across from trailer park. We  didn’t stop. The next place was a state park and the cool thing was a truck was there full of fish to stock the river.  He asked Claire if she wanted to see. This was cool since we had been to a fish hatchery before to see it.

Cobey at Falling Water We then went to Fallingwater. Even with our detours we got there early but they took us earlier than our reservation.  There is a short walk to the house.  Our guide was knowledgeable but not great The house is so phenomenal it speaks for itself. Claire fell in love with house. I knew my nature girl would love it because the house brings nature in. Cobey liked Biltmore better.  There is another Wright house nearby but Cobey wanted to go to Fort Necessity and we did not have time for both.

Fort Necessity tells the story of the start of French Indian War and the only surrender of George Washington. There is a small museum, movie and then the fort. The fort is small and the kids were not very impressed. I think they thought they could do a better job in the backyard. We ended up with a short guided tour of the Washington Tavern before they closed. It was good but I would not go out of my way to go to it.  We will see how Claire’s picks are tomorrow.

Fort Necessity


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