Busy Day In Boston

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Friday Jun 24, 2011 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, National Parks, Revolutionary War Sites, Travel

We started off our day by picking up Bruce at the airport. Navigating underground tunnels was the first adventure. I never knew you could have so many exits in a tunnel. We then headed straight for Boston and set up our tours. We booked a Boston Tea Party Cruise, the Beantown Trolley Tour and the Duck tour. We then visited Paul Revere’s House and Old North Church. Both were included in our Boston Go Cards. We paid 1.50 for the children’s tour guide at Paul Revere’s House and it added a lot to the tour. I recommend it! We also got the guide at the Old North Church. The five minute talk in the church was much better than the guide. We then headed for a Freedom Trail Tour. We stopped for hotdogs on the way from a cart. I love that about cities.

We had the best costumed guide with Freedom Trail Foundation. He had a great voice that was loud enough to be heard over the noisy streets. He told the story of Boston and its people. After studying the Revolutionary War for months, I thought I knew a lot but he reminded me of some and told new interesting stories that I had not heard. He covered the story of the Revolutionary War with some other stories thrown in from different time periods. I HIGHLY recommend this tour and doing it before you do any other sites on the trail. After the tour, we went to the Boston National Historical Park. We probably should have gone there first and gotten the Junior Ranger information but it worked out fine. They answered the questions about the things we had seen and had to draw something from each of them. They have five sites and you have to do at least three of them. I thought the program was pretty good and they learned something new from it. If your kid hates to draw then they will not like it.

After they completed their Junior Ranger Program, we headed to the Duck tours. We scheduled our tour at 530 after everything else had closed. We had a snack from the grocery store while we waited to board. We had another great tour guide, who you could tell loved his city. He told us a ton of information about the city in a fun high energy manner. Claire was so excited when we hit the water. Cobey said the best part of the day was when he got to drive the boat. It was another excellent tour that I recommend. If you are short on time, do the evening tour but if you more time do it first as an overview. It gives you lots of information on what you may want to go back and see.

We also did the Beantown Trolley. We basically used it twice for transportation. It was included in our card. It worked out twice for us but I would not waste your money otherwise. The trolleys get very crowded and you can’t get on. You have to time it perfect or you will be waiting for a trolley for at least thirty minutes. And the Duck tour was more entertaining and gives you an overview of the city. It is a pretty compact city so I recommend walking.

After dinner, it took us forever to get out of the city and back to the hotel. We go back Sunday and there is no way we will be able to see everything left on our list. We will do our best though. I think Claire is a country girl. She kept complaining about the noise , chaos and crazy drivers.

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