OIB Thanksgiving Weekend

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Friday Nov 2, 2012 Under Claire, Cobey, Kid's Corner, North Carolina, Travel

Several years ago we started the tradition of having Thanksgiving at the beach at my brothers. It has become one of my favorite weekends of the year and I always look forward to it. My birthday is on the 21st so we usually celebrate my birthday also during the weekend. We usually have my favorite meal which is Frogmore Stew named after a little town in Frogmore, SC. There are no frogs involved. It is also called Low Country Boil. We had that on Wednesday night for my birthday and it was great. Thursday I was sick so I missed Thanksgiving meal but I heard that was also good. Friday most of the crew left to go watch ECU football and I stayed and scrapbooked. Saturday is the parade during the day. We have entered several years but this year we did not get around to it but watch out next year because we have  a plan to decorate the golf cart. And then Saturday night is the grand finale with the flotilla. For eight years, my brother has entered a boat in the flotilla and he has often won the grand prize. He is very talented and the boats are awesome. This year he did a pirate ship and the crowd was amazed when they figured out it was a fishing boat. No pre-made things for Jeff! He starts his boat from scratch and it begins with elaborate drawings on paper. The flotilla is one of my favorite Christmas traditions and  the best time to be at OIB is not the middle of summer but Thanksgiving weekend.

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