We started our morning in Historic Edenton at the Iredell House. We had a great guide that gave us a insight into the important role the Iredell family had in history. I have been in many historic homes and I am amazed that their are still so many items that I have never seen. I enjoy seeing and learning about new pieces. After the house tour, the kids were excited to get onto the trolley. We had a 45 min. trolley ride around the town. Our tour guide did a great job of  showing us a lot of different architectural styles. He also shared the history of the town. I enjoyed the story about the Edenton Tea Party and the slave girl that escaped. We watched a short movie in the Visitors Center after the tour which was a nice overview. We quickly went and saw a few more things before we had to be at our next tour.


Our next tour was at the Edenton National Fish Hatchery. We started in the small aquarium where the kids got to see and learn about an alligator. We walked back to the hatchery to see what they do there. It was very interesting and we had a great guide. The think I liked best is he talked about finding something you love and making it your career. You could tell he loved his job. It is such an important lesson for kids to learn and I liked they could see it being lived out.




Our last tour was at Historic Planation.  It is a great example of the colonial period and gave a great glimpse to the time period. My favorite room was the library where Mr. Stone the owner of the plantation, had over 1400 volumes at the time of his death. There were some beautiful pieces in the house. The kids also learned where pop goes the weasel came from.

We also got to tour the 1763 King-Bazemore home that was brought to the site from four miles away. It also has been nicely restored and has some interesting pieces. It amazes me that after all the homes we can continue to learn more and more. We had an awesome day and made it home before too late.

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