Quick Trip to Creation Museum

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Creation Museum

Cobey and CamelQuick and trip to Creation Museum should not go together when you live in North Carolina and the museum is in Kentucky near Cincinnati, Ohio. But Bruce did not want to be gone long and thought we could do it in two days. I was doubtful but it worked out really nice and we even spent time at the Cincinnati Zoo. We left a little after 4AM and got there around 1pm with only one stop. We went ahead and purchased tickets for the two planetarium shows for the day. The shows were The “Created Cosmos” and “World of Creation”. We also saw “The Men In White” about a woman struggling with evolutionary ideas. We really enjoyed that show.  The shows were good not great but I was glad to see a show with a New Earth perspective and we all learned something new. We walked through the beautiful gardens on the way to the small petting zoo. They have camels, goats, llamas, wallabies and donkeys. They also have some usual animals like a Zorse and Zonkey. They did not have the opportunity to ride the camel that day but most day kids are allowed ride for an extra fee. There is also a zip line and canopy now for an extra fee that we did not do. We then went through the Walk Through History. The exhibits are very well done and there is so much to learn. There is a variety of things you read and watch to keep everyone interested. It went along perfectly with the unit we had just finished in history. They have a wonderful book store and we spent a short time there. We finished all of that in about four and half hours. You could spend less or more time depending on how much you read but by that time we were tired and starving. If we had known that we really did not have that much left, we may have pushed thru and finished that day. We thought there were two other exhibits, the new Dragon and Insects.

Claire In Cheetah ShowThe next morning the museum did not open till 10 so we decide to spend some time at the Cincinnati Zoo. We have been to a lot of zoos and it is one of my favorites. They have at least one program every 15 minutes on the different animals. I love that focus on education. They also have different shows  throughout the day. We went to the cheetah show where you learn about the animals and get to see how fast they run. Claire was picked to be part of the show which was lots of fun.  They also have a place where you can feed the birds which is always fun.  The zoo is well maintained and attractively designed.  The only negative is some of the animals are in small areas which is nice for people to be able to see them but  not so nice for the animals. We spent a couple of hours and then went back to the Creation Museum. All tickets there are for two days and we wanted to finish up. We went to the new exhibit – Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium. The exhibit is small but very well done and interactive.  Claire really was engaged in the exhibit. We then went through Dinosaur Den and then asked about the new Dragon Legends exhibit. We learned that we had already seen it. They have a few cases about the dragons in the portico we had already seen them when we already came in the first day; we were a little disappointed with this. We were also disappointed on the way home to find one of the sources used many times in the Dragon book was wikipedia. The rest of the trip was wonderful and well worth it. I encourage everyone to make this trip even if it has to be a quick trip.

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