Call the Lee County School Board to action

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Jun 8, 2011 Under Politics

For months, Lee County teachers have been encouraged to write letters, attend meetings and have students speak at events in support of the administration’s position.

Enough is enough.

Existing policies (5210 and 7720 for instance) allow the use of political materials for instructional purposes but strictly prohibit the use of materials or job position to promote a specific party, candidate or issue.

According to the Sanford Herald, Shawn Williams, chairman of the School Board doesn’t think having 3rd graders write a letter to an elected official advocating a designated position falls into that category. Is he for real?

If you’ve had enough of this nonsense and want Superintendent Moss held accountable, please contact the school board members; their contact information is below:

Shawn Williams— (919) 777-2798

John Bonardi– (919) 776-2789

Mark Akinosho– (919) 775-8133 (Work); (919) 770-4448 (Mobile); (919) 718-5004 (Home)

Cameron Sharpe– (919) 498-2250 (Work); (919) 498-4992 (Mobile)

Linda Smith– (919) 774-6781

Dr. Lynn Smith– (919) 776-8083

Bill Tatum– (919) 774-8806

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