Another Great Day on the Road in Rhode Island

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Monday Jun 20, 2011 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Travel

We spent the day in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport was what I expected except maybe a little bigger and more crowded. I thought it would be more quaint like our southern coastal towns.

This is the day we started using our Boston Go Cards. We got seven day cards which cover attractions in Boston and the surrounding areas. I am keeping a running tap to see if we actually save money. I did a rough estimate  before I purchased but we will see what we actually happens.

We used our cards for the Newport Mansions where we could choose three of the twelve sites. We started with the Breakers which is the summer home of the Vanderbilts. I thought it would be good because of the ties back home. It is called the Breakers because the view is where the waves break. The view from the house is beautiful which probably made it my favorite of the the three we saw. We had an audio tour at all three house but this one had a family version. The house was actually narrating the tour and it was very good. I can’t believe how much the kids loved this house. They thought it was amazing. Cobey  went from wanting to build forts to a mansion. Claire loved the playhouse with working fireplace and kitchen. It was a huge hit.

We then went to The Marble Mansion, also built by a Vanderbilt. It was interesting with the different types of marble used but I did not like it as much as the other two. I really liked Mrs. Vanderbilt’s bedroom It was decorated in lilac. Twenty years after it was built, she went to China and loved the tea houses so much she had one built by the water. This is were we had lunch. The food was a little disappointing for a tea room. It was prepackaged sandwiches and things on a paper plate. It was a charming little house with a great view though.

After lunch, we went to The Elm. This summer home was built by Edward Berwind who was in the coal business. This house was built and decorated in a French style. It was absolutely beautiful and artwork is amazing. This property has a carriage house and small garden. I am not sure about the first tour but the last two were thirty minutes each if you did not do any of the extras. I would recommend The Breakers for any kid. I think the three houses in one day would be too much for most kids unless they love history like mine.

After The Elm, we made our way to The Cliff Walk. This is the famous walk along the cliffs of Newport. It was a beautiful walk and we got some great photos but I did not care for the black chain link fence that bordered most of the walk. It took away from the scenery. It was there for safety but I wish they could have had something more ascetically pleasing.

Our final stop was Fort Adams where you have to have a guided tour to see the fort. I was wondering if I could really get something out of another fort. I feel like we have been to so many this year. I actually liked this tour. This fort was built after the War of 1812. The tour guide did a great job of sharing things that made this fort unique. First the size. Fort McHenry, Fort Sumter and Fort Ticonderoga would fit inside the parade grounds with room to spare. Second the land defense was really cool. There is no way someone could actually reach the fort. Lastly, we got to go thru the listening tunnels which were cold, narrow and dark. We had a flashlights. The kids got stickers saying “Fort Adams Tunnel Rat”. The tunnels were  one of the highlights of the day.

We then had a relatively short ride to our next hotel. We finished the day at Friendly’s, one of the kids favorite places to eat and it just happen to be next to our hotel.

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