Mr. K's Soft Serve



Mecklenburg County has so much to offer, you can’t possibly cover it in one day or even two. The kids considered past trips when ranking. Cobey said the Whitewater Center was the only reason that the county made it to the top. Previously, we have been to NASCAR Hall of Fame, Raptor Center, Latta Plantation, Discover Place, and Rural Hill.  Our first stop was Mr. K’s Soft Serve which has been family owned since  1967. The kids both got ice cream which they said was good but not the best.  The place was very friendly and great atmosphere.  The rest of the menu looked good also.




The Mint MuseumFor the rest of the day we got to tour with the Browns which always makes exploring a county more fun.  The next stop was The Mint Museum on Randolph Road.   The museum has history of the mint in Charlotte, and a variety of art. Claire was very interested in the fashion exhibit and the conservation of the clothing items that was taking place.  They have many interesting decorative art pieces including wedgewood and pottery. We were all interested in the political pottery pieces.  Many of the galleries at activity bags to make the museum more interactive for kids and they also had an interactive room.  We really rushed through the museum and Claire wants to go back as soon as possible.

We then went to Brook’s Sandwich Shop for what is said to be the best burger in Charlotte. Brenda agreed that it was the best burger in Charlotte but Cobey said it was not the best burger in the state.  Claire had a BLT which she loved!


Charlotte Museum of HistoryWe then went to the Rosedale Plantation.  We had a great tour where we learned about the family that lived in the house and interesting features of the house. The last stop was the Charlotte Museum of History.  The museum is also home to the largest bell in the country. It is also home for the   1774 Hezekiah Alexander House who was a signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. This is the largest surviving house in Charlotte. We toured the house, small garden, kitchen and springhouse.  We saw lamb’s ear in the garden which they used for toilet paper.  The museum also houses a large interactive display with a replica stone house and garden.  We ended the day with the First Annual Baby Bundle project hosted by Susan Tillis. These baby bundles go to new babies born at Fort Bragg for E4 families and below. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Baby Bundle Shower

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Amazing Maize Maze – Rural Hill

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Friday Oct 18, 2013 Under Claire, Cobey, Kid's Corner, Travel

Tillis Team at Corn Maze

Mailbox StationWe had a great time with Susan, Brenda, and the Brown Boys at the Amazing Maize Maze at Rural Hill. We had never done a huge maze before. Susan kept warning us but we did not take her very seriously. How hard could it be? They give us a few rules and a flag in case we got in to trouble and then we were off.   You have to collect 12 pieces to complete the whole map of the maze. We found seven pieces really quickly then we got stuck. We kept going into circles but we finally found all our pieces after a little searching.   It took us almost 2 hours to go thru the seven acre of the maze. It was a great lesson in perseverance and asking for help when you need it. On the way home, Cobey said if someone has taken a path before you, maybe you should go to them for advice and help. Not a bad lesson to learn. Claire can’t wait to go again, Cobey not so much.

Tillis Team at Corn Maze

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