Camp Arrowhead 2012

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Sunday Jul 15, 2012 Under Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner

It was Cobey’s second year at Camp Arrowhead. He had so much fun last year that this year he went for two weeks. He had a wonderful time but I was really missing him at the end. I enjoyed looking thru the photos posted online each day to see if I could catch a glimpse of him. I also took advantage of being able to send a letter online where they would print and deliver it to him. I also requested online for him to reply to the letter. He wrote a letter then they scanned it and  sent it to me. I really liked that this year Cobey tried a lot of new activities. He tried horseback riding  which was his favorite, climbing and kayaking. He also continued to enjoy blacksmithing and woodworking. This year he went on a kayaking trip and he went to Beanstalk Journey where they have zip lines and towers. He was also a Horse Ranger, which means he got up early to take care of the horses. He got the Hemlock Award for his Cabin which means he was the best camper for the session. He came home talking about going back as a counselor.  He also came back with a “battle cry” noise that I could have done without.  It took a few days to break the habit of the hissing noise, well actually we are still trying to break it.  But other than that, I was proud of him and all he accomplished in two weeks.



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