I have had a few busy weeks. We spent a few days at the beach where we celebrated my brothers birthday. We had a lot of fun with a Casino theme. We also

While we were there, the Senate voted to override the governor’s veto on HB  854- Woman’s Right to Know. This was the last step and  I was so excited because I worked on getting this bill passed. They have been trying to pass this bill for over thirty years. It will save between 3,000 to 6,000 babies a year. Praise the Lord!!

Also while I was there, I finished two storybooks, planned for next homeschool term and started on my NC History Curriculum.

When we returned home, we went to Sword of Peace at Snow Camp. The play is about the Quaker’s internal struggle with rather to fight in Revolutionary War or stick with religious beliefs. I don’t believe it is quite as good as Horn in the West and The Lost Colony but a decent show. I recommend you read about Nathaniel Greene and the Revolutionary War in NC before you go to make it even more meaningful and easier to follow along. Claire was disappointed that she could not go on stage afterward to take photos with the actors. They did greet us as we were leaving.

On Saturday, I will be leaving for a trip to Belize. Please follow our team here: http://www.prayingpelicanmissions.org/journals.cfm


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Belize Mission Trip- Be Part of My Home Team

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Saturday Jun 11, 2011 Under Mission Trip, Travel

A few months ago God laid on my heart to go on another short term mission trip. I was not sure to where and then I heard at church about a team to Belize. God had already worked out so many details. Claire was already signed up for a camp that week. I had already been to Belize so my mom would not freak out to much. And God has been so faithful in providing money when I need it.

I am so excited about going because I know that I will be blessed so much more than I can possibly bless the people of Belize. There are several different ministries that will be taking place. There is a woman’s craft ministry, Vacation Bible School, constructions repairs, family night and more.

I would love for you to be part of my team back home by helping me in one or more of the following ways.

First, I would love to have a team of people praying for me and the Hope for Belize Team. Please send me a note and I will keep you up to date with my specific request. Everyone can pray for health and safety for the team and that God will use us mightly for His glory.

Secondly, I am selling $10 Raffle Tickets for a chance to win an IPAD2. The proceeds will got toward materials and supplies needed on the trip. Let me know if you would like a ticket.

Thirdly, I need help with Cobey. Claire is at camp all week so she is covered. If you can take a day or two the first week of August let me know.

Thanks for everything!

Here is the link for Hope for Belize:


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